The ambassadors of the Taliban and the Burmese junta still persona non grata at the UN

The Burmese and Afghan ambassadors appointed by their previous governments remain in place at the UN, and those proposed by the Burmese junta and the Taliban – who returned to power respectively on 1is February and August 15 – will still have to wait. It was the “credentials committee”, in charge of accreditations, which first set the tone: it advised to delay any choice, and was followed by the General Assembly. As no appointment has been confirmed, the status quo prevails. This clearly shows the tweezers that the international community wants to continue to take, with regard to two regimes that it is not yet ready to recognize.

“In the end, in each case, the commission does not recognize either of the two governments”, says Richard Gowan of the International Crisis Group. China, the United States and Russia, three of the nine members of the commission, did not oppose head-on. “They managed to bury their differences and avoid unnecessary confrontation, continues the analyst. Everyone is satisfied with delaying the resolution of this matter. “

The virtues of time

Russia and China want to retain leverage against the Taliban. Regarding Burma, the United States is keeping its distance from the government in exile – the government of national unity, formed on April 16 by figures who fled the country.

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Critics have flared on the Afghan and Burmese side. “By leaving the place of Afghanistan in the hands of someone who is not affiliated with the new government (…), the UN ignores the legitimate rights of the Afghan people ”, reacted Tuesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban regime.

For the Taliban, the stakes are high: recognition by the international community requires the affixing of the United Nations seal. But the Taliban’s obsession with the UN is criticized by the number one jihadist group Al-Qaida, Ayman Al-Zawahiri. On November 23, this one posted a video titled “Advice to the community of Muslim believers about the United Nations”. This intervention is perceived as a message addressed to the Taliban, where he affirms that to join the international organization, it is to give up sharia, the Islamic law.

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Three months have passed since the two regimes’ petition, and no one knows when the matter will be considered again – if it ever will. Diplomacy believes in the virtues of time, and this is a method often used at the UN. “This makes it possible to let things settle, to see what events will lead to, how the regional forces react to these changes of power”, decrypts a diplomat of the organization.

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The ambassadors of the Taliban and the Burmese junta still persona non grata at the UN

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