Joe, Jill Biden and a German Shepherd, this might be a detail for you …

Presidential gratitude

What did Joe and Jill Biden do on December 25 for their first Christmas at the White House? You certainly weren’t wondering, but here’s the answer. They sat on a sofa in the auditorium in the south wing of the Presidential Residence and called out American soldiers based around the world. For several hours, they thanked members of the Navy, Air Force, Space Force and even the Coast Guard for their commitment. They took the opportunity to invite their new dog, called Commander. A colleague, therefore.

Adoration of the Shepherd

The star in this photo is obviously him. In fact, this German Shepherd has just arrived at the White House. Birthday gift given to Joe by his brother and sister-in-law, Commander takes the place of Major, the Biden couple’s previous dog, forced to leave the premises after several incidents, including two minor bite episodes (“The skin has not been pierced”, according to the president) but somewhat traumatic for some White House staff. Here, Commander seems very calm. We would even find him looking a little downcast.

Very protected species

A leash with the logo “US Secret Service” is hung on Commander’s neck. It is less harmless than it seems. Indeed, the Secret Service agents responsible for the protection of the president and his family have often inherited the informal mission of looking after their pets. Over the years, the subject has become a source of exasperation in their ranks. In his autobiography, Dan Emmett, once in the service of Bill Clinton, ended up putting things right: “Walking the president’s dog or cat is not our job, and it never will be.” ”

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Wrist belt

Since we are talking about animals, let us note here that Jill Biden wears a Panthère watch from Cartier on her wrist. Created in 1983 and worn, in particular, by Keith Richards, Madonna and Pierce Brosnan, the model is a variation of the Santos, the very first wristwatch, launched in 1904 by Cartier. But why the name Panther? Because the movements of its bracelet, made of “grain of rice” links, recall those of the feline, the website of the house at 13, rue de la Paix tells us. It is crystal clear.

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Royal sweetness

On the table, in the middle of glasses and papers, rests a little gingerbread man. Know, for your Trivial Pursuit evenings, that this type of cookie appeared in the XVIe century at the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England. She loved to offer her guests gingerbread characters in their effigy. These fellows quickly became popular in the kingdom. Soon, the young unmarried women struggled to feed the famous biscuit to the men they coveted. Superstition claimed it was a sure-fire way to seduce them.

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Joe, Jill Biden and a German Shepherd, this might be a detail for you …

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