In Argentina, the marital crisis of a PSG player provokes a social debate


Immediately, the topic sparked discord and uproar. Then Julia, 26, spoke up and silenced the whole assembly gathered in Tolosa, 60 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, for Mother’s Day, celebrated in October in Argentina: “No, but what, when it’s a man who seduces, he’s a tomboy, and when it’s a woman, he’s a slut?” “ The theme of his exit: the marital crisis experienced by Mauro Icardi, Argentine striker of PSG, and his wife and agent, Wanda Nara, against a background of an alleged infidelity involving the actress, also Argentinian, “La China” Suarez. Julia and her family are not celebrity news buffs. But they, like many Argentines, were caught up in this intimate conflict, extensively dissected and commented on in the media and on social networks for ten days – before the final reconciliation – going so far as to spark a social debate.

“Jealousies, infidelities, confrontations, and a fortune at stake, are the elements of this soap opera which makes Argentines speak”, summarizes, under the invitation of a “direct” to follow on its site … the very serious economic newspaper Financial sphere, more accustomed to articles on inflation and analyzes on debt. The sequence thus went beyond the borders of specialized broadcasts, to be taken up by all the general daily newspapers. “The characters are very well known in the country, explains Mario Carlon, media specialist and researcher at the University of Buenos Aires. And there is, even within the mainstream media, a long history of celebrity journalism in Argentina. As for specialized TV shows, which work with very low budgets, they have been able to feed on the content shared on social networks by the people themselves for free. “

The couple Wanda Nara-Mauro Icardi (in the uproar, the latter gave up his training sessions with PSG) has indeed orchestrated his crisis communication from his Instagram accounts. It was Wanda Nara who triggered the media crush on Saturday, October 16, accusing, without naming her, the actress “La China” Suarez of ” to break “ a family (the crack would be based on virtual exchanges), not hesitating to decorate its messages with allusive insults.

Team “free love” against team “family”

On the networks, some users quickly chose their camp between the two women (their « team » as it happens). The subject was even invited into the electoral campaign, before the legislative elections of November 14: questioned on the sidelines of a televised debate, some candidates have also joined a team. “I am for free love”, declared Myriam Bregman, who is running for a deputy seat in the city of Buenos Aires under the colors of the Socialist Workers Party (left). “Team Wanda, family first and foremost”, retorted Cynthia Hotton, evangelical candidate, right, in the province of Buenos Aires.

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In Argentina, the marital crisis of a PSG player provokes a social debate

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