Covid-19: several thousand Australians march against vaccination; a canceled demonstration in Amsterdam

Austria, Australia, the Netherlands … While a new wave of Covid-19 is hitting several continents, demonstrations are planned on Saturday, November 20, in several countries, against restrictive measures and compulsory vaccination – for certain professions, even for the whole population, as Austria was the first to decree on Friday.

  • Several thousand Australians demonstrate against vaccination

During the demonstration against vaccination and health restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic held in Melbourne, Australia on November 20, 2021.

Thousands of people gathered on Saturday in several cities in Australia to denounce the compulsory vaccination against Covid-19, required in certain States and Territories for certain professional categories. Almost 85% of Australians over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated and have returned to almost normal lives.

Police say up to 10,000 people gathered in Sydney. In Melbourne, around 2,000 people have called for the imprisonment of the Prime Minister of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, and protested against a bill to give more powers to the government of that state to fight the pandemic. No clashes with the police were reported, unlike previous protests, or calls for the hanging of political leaders.

Since the start of the pandemic, Australia has recorded more than 195,000 cases and 1,933 deaths linked to Covid-19, out of a population of some 25 million.

  • In the Netherlands, a demonstration canceled in Amsterdam after riots in Rotterdam

An electric scooter burned down in Rotterdam after a protest against sanitary restrictions that escalated into riots on November 20, 2021.

A demonstration against health measures scheduled for Saturday in Amsterdam was called off after a violent riot broke out in Rotterdam on Friday evening, organizers said. “Yesterday evening, hell broke loose in Rotterdam”, said organization opposed to health measures United We Stand Europe, referring to the chaos that erupted in the center of the port city on Friday evening, leaving at least seven injured according to the police. Maintain the demonstration in Amsterdam “Did not seem fair to us”, added the organization. Several dozen people were arrested. Demonstrators were protesting against health restrictions and the government’s plan to restrict access by unvaccinated people to certain facilities.

“The riots and extreme violence against police, riot police and firefighters last night in Rotterdam are horrific to see”, reacted Saturday the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, deploring the destruction “Considerable”. “The men and women who take to the streets every day for our safety have been bombarded with stones and fireworks., he lamented in a statement. The police and the prosecution are doing everything they can to track down, prosecute and punish these rioters. “

However, the demonstration scheduled for Saturday in the southern city of Breda is maintained, according to local media.

  • Demonstration against compulsory vaccination in Vienna

Thousands of people protest against compulsory vaccination and the confinement decreed by the Austrian conservative government, in Vienna, Saturday, November 20, 2021.

Several thousand demonstrators gathered at midday on Saturday in Vienna to protest against the confinement and compulsory vaccination announced the day before by the government in order to fight against the sudden return of the epidemic. The demonstration was organized at the call of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ, far right), even if its president, Herbert Kickl, positive for Covid-19, was absent. Gathered in the heart of the Austrian capital a stone’s throw from the Chancellery, the crowd waved banners denouncing “The crown dictatorship” or even saying “No to the division of society”. All under close surveillance by the police, who feared the arrival of identitarians, neo-Nazi activists and hooligans.

A week after cracking down on the unvaccinated, Conservative Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg on Friday announced the confinement of the 8.9 million inhabitants until December 13. Moreover, despite its initial reluctance, the government is preparing a law to impose the vaccination of the adult population in 1is February 2022. The refractory will expose themselves to sanctions.

Mr Schallenberg apologized to those vaccinated about these restrictions “Radicals”. He also attacked “Political forces [du] countries which are vehemently opposed “ vaccination, denouncing a “Attack against [le] health system “.

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Covid-19: several thousand Australians march against vaccination; a canceled demonstration in Amsterdam

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