Women responsible for Marvel Studios productions

It’s true that most of the superheroes we’ve learned to admire on Marvel movie screens are male. Like the people behind the camera. Until Black Widow and Captain Marvel, for example, gained prominence. Fortunately, little by little, women began to occupy spaces in productions as well.

Just days before the premiere of Black Widow’s solo film, set to premiere simultaneously on Disney + and in theaters, scheduled for June 9, the platform listed six top women in hero products. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has more movies to come with them in charge.


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Cate Shortland

Australian director Cate Shortland will be the first woman to fully direct an MCU movie in ‘Black Widow’, only the second to star a female character. The director has four feature films on her curriculum, the best known being ‘The Berlin Syndrome’ (2017), nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Festival of the same year and starring actress Teresa Palmer.

Cate Shortland directs ‘Black Widow’. Image: Disclosure

Jac Schaeffer

In addition to being one of the writers of ‘Black Widow’, Jac Schaeffer is the creator of a huge success for Marvel this year. She was responsible for the series. ‘WandaVision’, available on Disney + ‘. In addition to being a screenwriter, the professional also acted as an executive producer for all nine episodes of the series.

Jac Schaeffer is the mind behind ‘Wandavision’. Image: Disclosure

Kate herron

In the latest Disney + production is Kate Herron. She is the director and executive producer of all six episodes of the series. ‘Loki’, which tells the story of everyone’s favorite Norse god in the MCU. The American also directed four episodes of the first season of the Netflix series ‘Sex Education’.

Kate Herron directs ‘Loki’. Image: Disclosure

Anna Boden

In the first Marvel Studios film with a woman in the title role, Anna Boden shared the direction and script of the film with Ryan Fleck. The director’s work, starring actress Brie Larson, in “Captain Marvel” was also the first film about a superhero to break the billion-dollar mark.

Anna Boden shares the direction and script of ‘Captain Marvel’ with Ryan Fleck. Image: Disclosure

Nicole Perlman

Before the work of the directors and writers mentioned above, Nicole Perlman was the first woman to write an MCU movie. Together with director James Gunn, he is responsible for the script of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (2014).

Nicole Perlman was a screenwriter for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Image: Disclosure

Chloe Zhao

First Asian woman to be nominated in the directing category for the Oscar and to win the statuette for ‘Nomadland’ (2020), Chlóe Zhao is about to debut in the MCU. The Chinese not only directs, but also signs the script for the film ‘Eternals’, which opens in October this year. Zhao’s new feature shows the events after ‘Avengers: Ultimatum (2019)’, following the saga of immortal beings who have secretly lived on Earth for millennia and have come together to take on the Deviant.

Chinese Chloé Zhao was the first Asian female director to be nominated and won an Oscar. Image: Disclosure

Our DaCosta

Another director who will make his big screen debut for Marvel Studios is Nia DaCosta. Directing ‘The Marvels’, which premiered in 2022, a sequel to ‘Captain Marvel’, she will be the first black woman behind a company film. On his resume he has the drama ‘Little Woods’ (2018) and the horror film ‘The Legend of Candyman’ (2021), written by the acclaimed Jordan Peele (‘Run!’).

Nia DaCosta has directed ‘The Legend of Candyman’, a film scripted by Jordan Peele. Image: Disclosure

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Women responsible for Marvel Studios productions