which studio pays the best actors


In the era of superhero movies, Marvel has a certain advantage over DC, with a more established Cinematic Universe. Which of the two studios is the one with the better contracts.

Robert Downey Jr. said goodbye to Iron Man in 2019.


© IMDbRobert Downey Jr. said goodbye to Iron Man in 2019.

Since the departure of Blade and the appearance of the films of X-Men, the superhero genre began to experience the beginning of its golden age. But it was not until the appearance of Iron-Man, in 2008, who was born the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and was fully consolidated. It was so good what they did that since Warner Bros. Pictures and DC decided to try to copy that model that began to be seen in Aquaman.

In this context, it is interesting to see if the consolidation of the superhero genre grew along with the salaries of its protagonists. It is becoming more common for stars of Hollywood accept being a part of these movies. But, which is the studio that pays the best when it comes to closing contracts with its artists? Do youMarvel O DC?

Among the first three actors with the best contract received for a film, there are two of DC. In this sense, it must be clarified that these are not interpreters who are part of what is now known as DC Extended Universe (DCEU). If the analysis were guided only by cinematic universes, the MCU it would be by a wide difference the one that treats its actors best, both for solo films and for general earnings.

According to the numbers that were released in recent years, the best contract received by an actor who played a superhero was received Jack Nicholson. The actor played the Joker on Batman and for that tape they paid him 6 million dollars, but he also agreed to keep part of the proceeds of each movie of Batman despite not having been part of any other and it is estimated that his fortune amounted to 100 million dollars just for this brand. In second place, the best paid actor appears Marvel, Robert Downey Jr, which received $ 75 million for what was done in Avengers: Endgame. The podium completes it Christian Bale, thanks to the 30 million it reached (with royalties included), for The Dark Knight.

The amazing cases of Chris Hemsworth and Gal Gadot

Regardless of which studio pays its actors the best, it is clear that both DC What Marvel they know how to recognize the success that their artists bring. Both companies have stark examples of substantial pay raises for actors who reprized a character in more than one movie.

Two of the most distinctive cases are those of Gal Gadot and Chris Hemsworth. On the side of the actress of Wonder Woman, while for his first film he received 300 thousand dollars, his salary for Wonder Woman 1984 it was 10 million dollars. Chris Hemsworth, meanwhile, went from receiving 150 thousand dollars in the first Thor, to be paid 15 million dollars to star Avengers: Endgame.


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which studio pays the best actors