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A former director of the German public television channel ZDF was accused of spying on three workers with hidden cameras installed in their rooms during a stay in a hotel, reveals this Saturday (11/07/2020) the weekly The mirror. The former manager of “ZDF digital” Carum Aadam – who was dismissed without explanation last July – is being investigated by the Aschaffenburg Public Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged crime of “violation of the most intimate personal sphere through the taking of images”.

The events investigated took place in the autumn of 2017, during a job retreat in Markt Kleinheubach (southern Germany) in which the former director and several of his workers participated. Aadam is accused of having placed hidden cameras in the rooms of three female employees between the ages of 26 and 28, something he categorically denies. The plot came to light because one of the three workers discovered in her room shortly before going to sleep a black adapter plugged into one of the switches, a device that she identified as a camouflaged camera.

The police were informed that same day and when studying the cameras they discovered Aadam himself in a recording in one of them, according to the investigation a year later. The weekly also assures that the former manager obsessively drew penises on work documents and even on a door next to his office. But his workers don’t remind him of sexist comments.

The three affected women – who are in psychological treatment and prefer to remain anonymous – have acknowledged before The mirror that ZDF did not offer them any kind of help for what happened. The workers have denounced the public television station before a labor court for neglect and demand compensation and treatment of what happened as a work accident.

ZDF assures that it did not have precise knowledge of the facts until June of this year, when it confronted Aadam and dismissed him because the defendant could not convincingly dismantle the accusation. “If the accusations are true, it would be totally unacceptable,” he assures in statements to The mirror the head of ZDF, Thomas Bellut. If I have not made the case public then, argues the German public channel, it was so as not to harm the ongoing judicial process. (EFE)


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They uncover a sex scandal on the German public channel ZDF | Europe up to date | DW