They sue the Ranger Texas Baseball in the DR for 250 million dollars

Santo Domingo.- A lawsuit for 250 million dollars in execution of the contract and reparation of damages was filed by the player Fraidel Adriel Liriano Trinidad through his lawyer Jonathan Peralta against the United States professional baseball team the Texas Ranger in the Dominican Republic. and Major League Baseball (MLB).

Fraidel Adriel Liriano Trinidad seeks justice. As explained in the lawsuit filed by the Civil and Commercial Chamber of the National District Court of First Instance, the breach of contract by the Texas Rangers, to sign at age sixteen with other teams, must be compensated for psychological and for loss of profit and consequential damages.

According to the attorney in charge of the lawsuit, Jonathan Peralta, since he was 12 years old the now young adult Fraidel Adriel Liriano Trinidad has been under the care and advice of coach Francisco Javier Rodríguez, who prepared him physically and mentally to obtain a contract in the Major Leagues with a professional baseball team and during his growth and training he introduced the player to different professional teams in Major League Baseball, reaching an agreement with the Texas Rangers, who offered $ 1.5 million for him, as a promise of a signing contract.

The jurist explained that this sum of money would be paid on July 2, 2020, but that the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted the process, so, faced with this unexpected scenario, the teams mobilized the payment date for January 2021, availing themselves of the six-month extension allowed by the MLB to officially sign and pay the signing bonuses, from which the Texas Rangers were not excluded.

He argued that all teams honored the signatures according to the deadline given by MLB, but that the execution of the contract was not fulfilled with Fraidel Adriel, due to a unilateral decision by the Texas Rangers, without explanation of the breach.

“Jonathan Peralta attributes the reason for this action to the fact that the player Fraidel Adriel is of Latino, Dominican, poor and black origin and that due to these characteristics the defendant team expected the plaintiff to submissively accept any proposal, which in the opinion of the jurist constitutes an evident racial discrimination ”.

“It is an unquestionable fact that Rangers Texas Baseball have produced material, psychological and moral damage to the young Fraidel Adriel Liriano Trinidad, but above all in terms of human dignity, because knowing that other teams were interested in him for his abilities, and that he is now the victim of being abused by a racist, discriminatory and xenophobic team, who preferred to damage his life project and impose the law of silence, fear and force, for which there is a legal obligation to compensate these damages “, said.

The other teams abstain, as an unwritten rule, from offering a contract to any player under these conditions, so the breach ends all hope of the family who invested time, their savings, took loans that today are impossible to pay. .

Abuse of power

“Given the proven breach of the contractual obligations contracted by the team with the young Fraidel Adriel, the Texas Rangers decided to renegotiate the agreement they had signed, resulting in a verbal contract, as a way of wanting to correct the failure, they offered to modify the price of the agreed contract, with the sum of 750 thousand dollars, something that we qualify as a proposal lacking in seriousness, since the sum is impossible to fulfill since the team exhausted all the funds that the MLB allows them to spend on player signings per year “Said Jonathan Peralta.

Likewise, he made it clear that in the case of the species there is a clear convention formed between the player and the Texas Ranger, which is opposable to the MLB as the regulator of that league or high-level sport, so the existence of an agreement -contract by virtue of which one or more persons are obliged with respect to one or several others to give, do or not do something in accordance with the provisions of article 1101 of the Dominican Civil Code.

“It is general knowledge of all the coaches of this sport in the Dominican Republic, of the MLB, as well as of the other Major League teams, that those who do not offer or make proposals for this player because they are out of the market from the moment in which negotiations are closed and the contract between player-team is formalized, where the price of the transfer is set, the conditions of the team and the corresponding press conference is scheduled in which the shirt, cap and badges of the contracting team are delivered to the player, as well as the signing bonus and the signing of the material agreement of the content and previously contracted verbally ”, said the lawyer.

He also stressed that it cannot be alleged that there is no written contract, since as established by MLB, the material or written contract is made, formalized and signed between all the teams and the Dominican amateur players en bloc on the date known as “July 2 ”each year.

The industry of Silence

Faced with the irreparable damage that thousands of prospects have suffered and the inaction of the Dominican State, the idea arose of making the documentary “The Industry of Silence”, an audiovisual that reveals how a “beastly treatment” governs the lives of baseball players and as the breach of these agreements remains without consequences for the offenders, but with numerous psychological consequences and economic damages in the victims of the system.

This is a discriminatory action, because according to lawyer Jonathan Peralta, this treatment is not lavished on white or Asian players, only on Latinos and very particularly on Dominicans, who as children, from the age of 14 It requires the performance of men to be signed, while North American players are signed when they finish college, aged 20 and over.

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They sue the Ranger Texas Baseball in the DR for 250 million dollars

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