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By Nicolás Caiazzo

Through a press conference, which included Remo Monzeglio, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur), Sebastián Bauzá and Pablo Ferrari (secretary and undersecretary of the National Sports Secretariat, as well as other Uruguayan tennis authorities linked to the Carrasco Lawn Tennis and sponsors, the N20 edition of the Uruguay Open was launched. «We decided years ago to put the country on the world tennis calendar, and that is why at a certain moment we decided that the tournament should be called the Uruguay Open, and not the name of a brand» Diego Pérez, Director of the competition, said.He also reported that two of the players who were registered to participate in the tournament, the Argentines Facundo Báez and Juan Manuel Cerúndolo, will not do so because they will play the Next Gen Masters in Milan.
«This type of tournament is so important that the best Latin American players arrive. They are so good tennis players that two South Americans qualified for the ATP Under 21 Masters for the first time, and they were scored to play the Uruguay Open. Anyway, we will have at least four top 100 in the world, “explained Pérez.
Monzeglio, for his part, expressed his joy that this tournament will be held for “having cultivated this sport for most of his life.”
“Those of us who have lived in other countries really know the importance of having postcards like this one, the importance of sport and the spread of the tournament internationally, which is fundamental for us,” he added.
Sebastián Bauzá, for his part, said he was convinced “that these events serve not only for athletes from various countries to arrive, but also for the whole world to talk about Uruguay and position it.” “It will be a success because there is 20 years of experience here that supports it,” he said. The Uruguay Open will be held between November 8 and 14 on the courts of the Carrasco Lawn Tennis Club, and four top 100 players topped the list of players registered to participate in the Uruguay Open 2021, including the current champion, the Spanish Jaume Munar, winner in 2019, the last edition that was contested, pre pandemic.

With the authorities of the National Government,
the competition made its launch official


Rafael Nadal, who has only played two games since his defeat in the Roland Garros semi-finals in June due to a foot injury, announced his intention to return to the circuit in December, in Abu Dhabi, with his mind set on preparing for the Australian Open in January. “My plan is to play in Abu Dhabi in December and then (in January) a tournament before Australia, I don’t know which one, and then the Australian Open. That is my goal (…) We are working hard so that it can be like that ”, declared the Spaniard, currently number 5 in the ATP ranking, in the framework of an event with a sponsor in Paris.
“I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back (on the circuit), I don’t want to lie. But I can say that my goal is to try to get back to Abu Dhabi in December. Then, of course, for the start of the new season in January ”, confessed the Mallorcan champion of 20 Grand Slam titles. “The injury to my foot still needs to improve a bit, but I already train for almost an hour and a half a day, so it’s positive. There are days better than others, but I begin to have many more positive days than negative ones. So I’m on the right track, “insisted the 35-year-old tennis player. At the beginning of September, Nadal announced that he had undergone a treatment on his left foot that would keep him “off the slopes for several weeks.”
“I train, I’m feeling better,” he celebrated. Nadal suffers from Muller-Weiss syndrome, a degenerative disease that causes a deformation of one of the bones located in the central part of the foot.

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The Uruguay Open made its launch – Diario El Pueblo – Salto Uruguay

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