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After the premiere of “The Last Dance” the fever for Chicago Bulls from that time has skyrocketed. The documentary focused on Michael Jordan and the legendary team that dominated the NBA in the 90s has already released all the episodes, thus completing the audiovisual production of Netflix and ESPN.

Warning: spoiler alert

It is time to review what the last two installments of this week leave behind, episodes 9 and 10. After 7 and 8, of the most interesting in the documentary, the ninth narrates the achievement of the ring in 1997 as well as the decisive series El the following year against the Indiana Pacers in the only seventh game since Chicago became champion in 1991.

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Utah, lugar hostel

Salt Lake City received the Chicago Bulls in the best possible way in that month of June 1998, letting them know from the beginning that they were going to be behind them, breathing down their necks and making every meeting at the Delta Center a true hell.

The more than 15,000 souls that during all the meetings at the Jazz stadium made this an uninhabitable place sowed a perfect climate where Jordan felt at home. Absorbed from all noise and enjoying the tension, the Bulls player appears visibly happy and rested in training and pre-game moments.

One of the funniest moments of the episode comes precisely in the previous Game 1 when, at the end of the session, all the substitutes compete to score a shot from the side . Harper fails, Kerr fails and then Michael arrives to score him on his first try, once again making clear his constant need to compete and how well he handled the pressure.


dennis rodman hulk

Moments after passing the Jazz in Game 3 for the biggest difference in Finals history and the fewest scoring in the NBA since the introduction of the possession clock, Dennis Rodman was back at it.

He quickly left the United Center and headed to Detroit to join a massive WWE wrestling event. There, together with the well-known Hulk Hogan, the Bulls player spent celebrating his victory in the Finals before hundreds of people, missing the next training session with the team where the entire coaching staff showed their anger with him.

How could it be otherwise, the media focused on the Worm’s nocturnal escape and in episode 10 it is shown how Rodman had to escape through the back door fleeing from all the cameras and journalists.

“The work is not done”

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After Game 4 the Bulls looked set to close out the series in the next game. After losing the first game of the series and winning the next three, Chicago was in its prime and with a chance to easily beat the Jazz.

Jordan, however, aware of how difficult it was going to be, left a statement that Kobe Bryant would repeat years later after placing 2-0 in the 2009 Finals.

a match for history

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The most watched game of that season, the culmination of the Bulls’ success and which was watched by more than 72 million people in the United States. The tenth and last episode of the documentary-series reaches its climax with Game 6 as it could not be otherwise.

Jason Hehir and his team take us in the most epic way to the environment that surrounded the Delta Center with Jordan completely absorbed, enjoying the calm before the storm. A night not without problems for Chicago with Scottie Pippen’s injury in the way that he had to suffer the unspeakable to stay on the court and push MJ to get the victory.

The entire narrative ends up converging on one point: the last minute. After a very negative series from the Bulls guard on the pitch, all eyes were on him and he only needed three possessions to get the win. The first a tray forced by the right side to put yours just one point away. His Majesty then goes on to relate how he knew the Jazz were going to hand Malone the ball to the low post and ends up stealing the ball from him for the last action. Then the miracle happened.

There will be no seventh

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From the beginning of that season and the documentary it was repeated over and over again that even if the sixth ring was obtained, there would be no option to revalidate it the following year. Management with Krause at the helm denied the team their option to try one more time.

However, the interview with Jerry Reinsdorf uncovers the ins and outs of the days after the hit in Utah. Apparently the franchise owner had a conversation with Phil Jackson in which he offered the renewal to try the epic again. The famed coach refused to accept it out of respect for Krause’s decision and the need for a break.

In addition, the executive explains the reasons why they made the determination not to re-assemble the 1998 champion team, based on the fact that the market value of the group was greater than they could really have, in addition to the advanced age of the main players.

Jordan, for his part, makes it clear that he would have wanted to at least give it a try and that he still cannot understand management’s decision. “It’s maddening. I felt like we could have won seven (titles),” Jordan said in the final episode of “The Last Dance. “I really believe that. We may not have. But not being able to try, is something I cannot accept.”

“Do you think they would have signed? Yes, they would have signed”, Jordan said. “Would he have signed for a year? Yes, he would have signed for a year. He had been signing one-year contracts up to that point. Would Phil have? Yes. Now Pip, you would have to do something convincing. But if Phil was going to be there. there, if Dennis was going to be there, if MJ was going to be there. To win our seventh? Pip wasn’t going to fail at that. “

Jackson’s Last Act

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After the public celebrations, Phil Jackson wanted to have one last group act with which to say goodbye in a big way. He gathered all the members of the team and asked them to write a few words about the season dedicated to their teammates or to the success achieved.

“All the men had emotional words to say,” Steve Kerr said. ” And I remember Michael wrote a poem. “

“I am not a poet. I just said what I felt at that moment”, remembered Jordan. “We were always going to be close. You say thank you for the past, enjoy the moment, let’s make sure we end it well.”

Once everyone had read his words, Jackson turned off the lights and turned on the container where all the passages were. An emotional ending full of symbolism that united all its members.

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