The competitive swimming group continues to grow at the Lawn Tennis Club – Esperanza day by day

After practically a month of having returned to the heated pool at the Esperancino Lawn Tennis Club, for Prof. Oscar Colombo the competition group “continues to grow in number and individual technical improvements”.

It is known that the institution, making a great effort, reconditioned the entire structure of its heated pool that it used again at the beginning of last August, after obtaining the approval of the Municipality of Esperanza. The swimming competition group continued to work with great enthusiasm, in full quarantine, but physically and technically, dry. That is why all the swimmers were extremely eager to get back into the water.

“We are all enjoying this return even more – said Colombo – because we missed very much the contact with the natural habitat of the swimmers. Luckily they are evolving faster than thought. Everything that is coordination, sensitivity, resistance is being trained, with the intention of returning to the previous physical state. Obviously it will cost a bit. But we know that we do not have short-term or long-term goals, for obvious reasons. The pandemic does not allow them. There are no tournaments or competitions in sight ”.

He later stated “we want to go little by little, developing the capacities of the body in the water. Luckily all the boys are putting a lot of grit on it, a lot of desire, leaving everything behind ”.

With satisfaction he said “a beautiful group of friends was formed, because they really feel that way. In the middle of the pandemic, they kept in contact, they never opened. They were together, supporting each other, trying to get stronger, and they really succeeded. Even now we can say that the group got bigger and that’s really very good. Four children joined, so the team is larger, more nurtured, with different ages and eager to improve ”.

Regarding the children, he said that “two joined before the quarantine and two others joined later. This arises from a selection that we make in the summer, for a couple of years. Interested boys are invited to try out, to be part of the team, if they wish. They accepted and really liked it. They integrated very well, and are already part of the group. But it must be clarified that for reasons of age and level, they are not competitively active, yet. The idea is to train them technically and physically, so that they are effective when swimming, having the right technique for them. Because of their age, we can mold them, correct them, and they have the ability to improve very quickly. The idea is to train them, to participate, to add experience, but without competitive objectives. Then and according to what they are assuming, they will be able to decide to go to the competition, aiming to improve even more in several aspects ”.

Oscar Colombo finally thanked the LTCE for “allowing this continuity with the heated pool. It was something dreamed of by swimmers. And now they enjoy them to the fullest, which allows them to continue growing in sports ”.

And he also wanted to highlight what the group that is in charge transmits “we as instructors are also fulfilling the goal of training people, with a lot of education, this being one of the premises that have always been drawn up, for all the athletes who represent the institution. And I am sincerely proud of the group that I coach.

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The competitive swimming group continues to grow at the Lawn Tennis Club – Esperanza day by day

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