Le sommet des démocraties, un exercice d’équilibriste pour Washington

Le sommet des democraties un exercice dequilibriste pour Washington

Le président américain, Joe Biden, lors d’une rencontre virtuelle avec le président chinois Xi Jinping, depuis la Maison Blanche, à Washington, le 15 novembre 2021. SUSAN WALSH / AP Dans sa politique étrangère, Joe Biden essaie de dessiner un tableau d’ensemble : la lutte des démocraties contre le camp des régimes autoritaires, conduit par la Chine. … Read more

“Havana Syndrome” among American agents and diplomats: Washington determined to unravel the mystery

Havana Syndrome among American agents and diplomats Washington determined to

Secretary of State Antony Blinken surrounded by Jonathan Moore and Margaret A. Uyehara in Washington, November 5, 2021, at the State Department, ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AP Where to start the investigation? Havana (Cuba), Vienna (Austria), Hanoi (Vietnam), Berlin (Germany), Canton (China), Moscow (Russia), Bogota (Colombia), to Taiwan or even in the United States, Washington… ? … Read more

Washington says Beijing is stepping up nuclear weapons program

Washington says Beijing is stepping up nuclear weapons program

This July 25, 2021 satellite image, provided by Planet Labs Inc., shows what analysts believe to be the construction of an intercontinental ballistic missile silo near Hami, China. PLANET LABS INC. / AP Quick, always faster. China advances more than expected on nuclear weapons program, says US Department of Defense in its annual report on … Read more

Washington State’s coach no vax fired, a refusal of 11 million euros

Washington States coach no vax fired a refusal of 11

Nick Rolovich did not want to get vaccinated and being a state employee, the university was able to expel him for just cause without severance pay after the diktat imposed by the governor Fired in the trunk. Without the possibility of appeal. Nick Rolovich, coach of the Washington State University football team, saw the contract … Read more

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