Global HIV viral suppression rates too low among children and adolescents

Journal Reference: Win Min Han, Matthew G Law, Matthias Egger, Kara Wools-Kaloustian, Richard Moore, Catherine McGowan, Nagalingesawaran Kumarasamy, Sophie Desmonde, Andrew Edmonds, Mary-Ann Davies, Constantin Yiannoutsos, Keri N Althoff, Claudia P Cortes, Thahira Jamal Mohamed, Antoine Jaquet, Kathryn Anastos, Jonathan Euvrard, Barbara Castelnuovo, Kate Salters, Lara Esteves Coelho, Didier K Ekouevi, Brian Eley, Lameck Diero, … Read more

Potential new therapeutic pathway to clear chronic viral infections

Journal Reference: Andrea Di Pietro, Jack Polmear, Lucy Cooper, Timon Damelang, Tabinda Hussain, Lauren Hailes, Kristy O’Donnell, Vibha Udupa, Tian Mi, Simon Preston, Areen Shtewe, Uri Hershberg, Stephen J. Turner, Nicole L. La Gruta, Amy W. Chung, David M. Tarlinton, Christopher D. Scharer, Kim L. Good-Jacobson. Targeting BMI-1 in B cells restores effective humoral immune … Read more

Dengue’s dance: Host immunity drives viral evolution

Journal Reference: Leah C. Katzelnick, Ana Coello Escoto, Angkana T. Huang, Bernardo Garcia-Carreras, Nayeem Chowdhury, Irina Maljkovic Berry, Chris Chavez, Philippe Buchy, Veasna Duong, Philippe Dussart, Gregory Gromowski, Louis Macareo, Butsaya Thaisomboonsuk, Stefan Fernandez, Derek J. Smith, Richard Jarman, Stephen S. Whitehead, Henrik Salje, Derek A. T. Cummings. Antigenic evolution of dengue viruses over 20 … Read more

“Let’s go Brandon! “, The new anti-Biden viral slogan of the American right

Lets go Brandon The new anti Biden viral slogan of

WASHINGTON LETTER During the Stand Up Against Tyranny protest in Boston, Massachusetts on November 7, 2021. BRIAN SNYDER / REUTERS It all started with Brandon Brown’s first victory on the Nascar circuit in early October in Alabama. A great day for the 28-year-old pilot, euphoric as it should be. As a reporter tried to get … Read more

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