“The Matrix: Resurrections”, the great bet of Warner Bros. at CinemaCon | The USA Newspaper

American film director Lana Wachowski. EFE / Tytus Zmijewski / Archive Las Vegas, (EFE News) .- The fourth installment of “The Matrix”, which will be titled “The Matrix: Resurrections”, was Warner Bros’ strongest bet for its CinemaCon event, the most important business fair on the big screen, which has returned this week to Las Vegas … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and her lesser known side: the secrets of her success as an entrepreneur | Ben Affleck | Bennifer 2021 | Celebs | nnda nnni | PEOPLE

Jennifer Lopez shines in everything he does. At 52, the star of Latin descent has not only managed to become one of the icons of music worldwide, but also a successful businesswoman. But what are the secrets to your success in the business world? JLo has revealed to the specialized magazine Adweek some details of … Read more

HI! USA publishes the list of the 100 most influential Latinas of 2021

HI! USA presents Latina Powerhouse Top 100 2021, a list of the 100 most influential Latina women of the year. It is an annual initiative that celebrates a select group of women with outstanding career achievements and inspiring stories. His talents and efforts have been essential for the consolidation of the Latin community and HOLA! … Read more

Horacio García Rojas helps deconstruct masculinity in “Cry Macho” | The USA Newspaper

Undated photo provided by Óscar Ponce showing Mexican actor Horacio García Rojas while posing in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Oscar Ponce / Mexico City, (EFE) .- Mexican actor Horacio García Rojas celebrates that such an important figure for the cinema as Clint Eastwood shows in his film “Cry macho”, of which he is a … Read more

The Wrong Missy: Why is Adam Sandler not in the Netflix movie The Other Missy but his entire family? | Happy Madison Productions | United States | USA | USA | EU | US | FAME

While he shone as an actor, Adam Sandler expanded his presence in Hollywood with the founding, in 1999, of his own film company, Happy Madison Productions, responsible for “50 First Dates”, “The Longest Yard”, among other successful titles. For the year 2020, the production company presented “The Wrong Missy“(” The other Missy “), a comedy … Read more

“The Suicide Squad” HBO Max | Combine humor and extreme violence in the most Marvel movie of DC | CRITICISM | James Gunn | Daniela Melchior | Idris Elba | Margot Robbie | HBO Max | United States | USA | USA | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more For DC to get its best live-action movie, Disney had to fire one of its stars. James Gunn had lost his job when the Warner Bros. offer came to him and he, neither short nor lazy, said yes. The filmmaker has already made friends with the owners of … Read more

The White House offered to inform Nicki Minaj about covid vaccines after her comments on Twitter | Technology

The White House offered to arrange a phone call between Nicki Minaj and one of her doctors after the rapper claiming that a friend of his cousin became impotent after being vaccinated against COVID. Minaj said Wednesday that she had been invited to the White House following his viral tweets about an anonymous acquaintance of … Read more