In Canada, Justin Trudeau’s new Speech from the Throne, read for the first time by an Indigenous woman

In Canada Justin Trudeaus new Speech from the Throne read

Governor General Mary Simon delivers the Speech from the Throne with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on November 23, 2021. SEAN KILPATRICK / AFP Two months after regaining his seat as Prime Minister, again at the head of a minority government after a snatch victory obtained on September 20 following the early federal … Read more

Worlds 2022, traveling LoL World Cup: for the first time in four cities

Worlds 2022 traveling LoL World Cup for the first time

The announcement was made at a press conference at Chase Center ahead of the NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. I Worlds 2022 will be for the first time in the history of the traveling League of Legends World Cup. The event will see qualifiers in Mexico City, Mexico; the … Read more

Carbon dioxide cold traps on the moon are confirmed for the first time

Journal Reference: Norbert Schorghofer, Jean‐Pierre Williams, Jose Martinez‐Camacho, David A. Paige, Matthew A. Siegler. Carbon Dioxide Cold Traps on the Moon. Geophysical Research Letters, 2021; 48 (20) DOI: 10.1029/2021GL095533 In the permanently shadowed regions at the poles of our moon, temperatures dip below those in the coldest areas of Pluto, allowing for carbon dioxide cold … Read more

He denounced his hockey coach for abuse and for the first time spoke of horror: “They were years of being silent out of fear”

He denounced his hockey coach for abuse and for the

V. is 31 years old and reported his hockey coach for abusing her between the ages of 14 and 16. It took him a decade to be able to tell Justice what he had suffered with that 25-year-old man he trusted. This Tuesday, it spread a letter in which he asked for justice and stated … Read more

Joe Biden facing the constraints of long time

Joe Biden facing the constraints of long time

Editorial. “It is no exaggeration to say that we have taken a monumental step forward as a nation. “ Joe Biden did not spare any superlatives to welcome the adoption, on November 5, by the House of Representatives of a cornerstone of his political agenda: the bill on infrastructure. Worth 1,200 billion dollars (approximately 1,040 … Read more

The 10 best sports video games of all time – eSports & Gaming

The 10 best sports video games of all time

Our ranking of the most beautiful sports simulations ever brought to the screen. Yes, there are also Pes and Fifa but not where you would expect them … Welcome to this sacred territory, the virtual hall of fame where only the 10 absolutely best specimens are admitted sports video games. Now, “Sport” is a broad … Read more

Wind and solar could power the world’s major countries most of the time

Journal Reference: Dan Tong, David J. Farnham, Lei Duan, Qiang Zhang, Nathan S. Lewis, Ken Caldeira, Steven J. Davis. Geophysical constraints on the reliability of solar and wind power worldwide. Nature Communications, 2021; 12 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-26355-z In a paper published recently in Nature Communications, the authors, including experts from China’s Tsinghua University, the Carnegie … Read more

Spending time in nature promotes early childhood development

Journal Reference: Ingrid Jarvis, Zoë Davis, Hind Sbihi, Michael Brauer, Agatha Czekajlo, Hugh W Davies, Sarah E Gergel, Martin Guhn, Michael Jerrett, Mieke Koehoorn, Tim F Oberlander, Jason Su, Matilda van den Bosch. Assessing the association between lifetime exposure to greenspace and early childhood development and the mediation effects of air pollution and noise in … Read more

Winter time: how the abolition of the time change disappeared from the European political agenda

Winter time how the abolition of the time change disappeared

The clock at the Musée d’Orsay, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. TPG / PHOTONONSTOP / TPG / PHOTONONSTOP Officially, it is again the fault of the Covid-19 : since the start of the health crisis, the project to abolish the semi-annual time change in the European Union (EU) has fallen to the bottom of … Read more

Shining light to measure blood flow in the brain in real time

Journal Reference: Muhammad Mohsin Qureshi, Yan Liu, Khuong Duy Mac, Minsung Kim, Abdul Mohaimen Safi, Euiheon Chung. Quantitative blood flow estimation in vivo by optical speckle image velocimetry. Optica, 2021; 8 (8): 1092 DOI: 10.1364/OPTICA.422871 The brain is arguably the most crucial aspect of our existence. Our brain health governs how well we function. In … Read more

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