Tim Burton, away from Johnny Depp in his most delicate moment

More than two decades together and a relationship that transcends the screen. This has been the bond that has existed between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp since they worked together on 1990 in drama Eduardo Mannostieras. Such a symbiosis that it is difficult to talk about the professional career of one without mentioning the other. … Read more

Tim Cook introduced Apple’s new iPhone 13

Tim Cook introduced Apple’s new iPhone 13 Wednesday, September 15, 2021 Tim Cook introduced Apple’s new iPhone 13 Tim Cook The executive director of Apple, Tim Cook (1960), presented yesterday in a virtual event held from the headquarters in Cupertino, California, the new iPhone 13, 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. With … Read more

When Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was able to become president of the United States.

Cook’s close relationship with politics The relationship of Apple as a company or Tim Cook as CEO in particular, has been very striking lately. The Californian company was one of the big harmed by the tariff policy proposed by former President Donald Trump for imports from China. This even involved the occasional confrontation between the … Read more

What did Tim Cook study to become CEO of Apple?

The studies Tim Cook completed Based on information from various sources, including the official ones from Tim Cook’s biography, the Alabamian completed the following higher studies: Industrial engineering (Auburn University – Auburn – Alabama) Master’s degree in Business Administration (Duke’s Fuqua School – Durham – Carolina del Norte) We do not know the ratings obtained … Read more

Tim Cook is concerned that people use iPhones for social media and not for creative uses

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed concern about the type of use and the time users spend on technology. Apple executive believes Apple devices should be used for creative purposes and not to scroll eternally at the beginning of the different social networks. This interview was conducted by Bustle and it was … Read more

How Steve Jobs Helped Ensure Tim Cook’s Success At Apple

Last week, Tim Cook celebrated his 10th anniversary as CEO of Apple. He took on this role before Steve Jobs’ death and has done what my British friends would call “explosive” work. The following two charts show exactly how successful Cook has been since taking over as CEO. Apple’s market capitalization went from $ 348 … Read more

Tim Cook talks about the balance between technology and health in a new interview

On his way to New York, Tim Cook sat down with Bustle for an interview about Shine, a mental health app created by Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey. An interview in which the CEO of Apple has reflected on the importance of mental health, meditation and the balance between work and rest. “Mental health is … Read more

Why did Apple decide to pay a $ 750 million prize to its boss Tim Cook?

Drafting BBC News World August 27, 2021 Image source, Reuters Caption, The award is part of a deal Cook signed when he took over the company’s management from Steve Jobs. In 10 years as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has received more than five million shares of the tech giant. According to the US Securities and … Read more