Christmas surprise: the best panettone comes from Liguria

Christmas surprise the best panettone comes from Liguria

Zino: “It’s my passion, I’ve been working on it for 10 years”. It will be in the final at 14 in Milan with the best of Italy Daniele Miccione November 26 – Milano The Gazzetta competition is a bit like the Risiko del panettone. Year after year it conquers territories. We started – somewhat surprisingly … Read more

World of Warcraft End of Eternity, interview with Blizzard: “it will surprise you”

World of Warcraft End of Eternity interview with Blizzard it

A long chat with game director Ion Hazzikostas and senior level designer Sara Wons, with a look at the future of the game. World of Warcraft Patch 9.2 End of Eternity will bring a new zone, a new raid, new class-specific armor levels, and new systems for you to try. It could also spell the … Read more

Advance with surprise: Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins

Advance with surprise Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins

On Thursday Night of the tenth day the Ravens lose in Miami. Newton returns to the Panthers, Beckham to the Rams By dint of playing with fire, you end up getting burned. The Ravens demonstrate this on Thursday Night which opens the tenth day of the NFL, surprisingly losing 10-22 in Miami. After having straightened … Read more

Le Nicaragua dans l’attente de résultats sans surprise d’une élection présidentielle phagocytée par le couple Ortega

Le Nicaragua dans lattente de resultats sans surprise dune election

Le président du Nicaragua Daniel Ortega prêt à voter pour l’élection présidentielle qu’il va, sans surprise, remporter, le 7 novembre à Managua. CESAR PEREZ / AFP Alors que le suspense est inexistant quant au verdict des élections présidentielles au Nicaragua, les bureaux de vote ont fermé dans le pays d’Amérique centrale à 18 heures locales, dimanche … Read more

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