Kathleen Kennedy promises “revenge of the century” between Obi-Wan and Anakin

Thursday was a day of great joy for Star Wars fans, as in addition to the announcement of 10 new series in development for Disney Plus, it was confirmed that Hayden Christensen will return to play Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader once again. However, the announcement was accompanied by a statement that has generated controversy, … Read more

How Carrie Fisher felt about her affair with Harrison Ford

One of the greatest love stories ever written is that of la princess Leia and Han Solo. Their romance and the chemistry between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were key factors in the success of the franchise “Star Wars“. Related news Even those who haven’t seen the movies know that story, but not everyone knows … Read more

Everything we know about ‘The Book of Boba Fett’, the spin-off of the Star Wars franchise on Disney +

Related news Disney+ just announced the series premiere spin-off The Boba Fett Book for next December 29, a production that will bring to life the story of the legendary bounty hunter, one of the characters in the saga most loved by fans. The series joins the long list of projects on Disney + aimed at … Read more

Disney Accepts Its ‘Star Wars’ Movies Are Bad

Disney accepts that his films of ‘Star Wars‘ are bad; this with a publication in one of its official accounts in Twitter, as a kind of self-referential joke. Through the account of Disney+ they published a message where they state that it is “Red flag”If a person tells you that the new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy … Read more

Could Sam Jackson return as Mace Windu?

Mace Windu could return to Star Wars | Lucasfilm Is Disney planning a return of Samuel L Jackson as Mace Windu to “Star Wars”?, that is the question that everyone asks, this time with renewed interest after the end of “The Mandalorian” and the return of Luke Skywalker. You might also be interested in: Kevin … Read more

Hollywood actors and actresses who became famous with their first movie

Jon Kopaloff via Getty While there are some actors who take years to become Hollywood stars, there are others who showed their talent from their debut and were immediately successful. Some of them were involved in the industry in some way and made their film debuts, but there are other examples who had never acted … Read more

Chloé Zhao reveals she wants to direct a Star Wars movie

Star Wars has not had good years in terms of its recent film products, so Lucasfilms and The Walt Disney Company have been exploring new horizons on the small screen. At the moment, the films are in a hiatus and development process, but there is someone very special who is already keeping an eye on … Read more

Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy hints her Lucasfilm departure may be near

Lucasfilm, upon being acquired by Disney in 2012, was left in charge of Kathleen Kennedy, a producer with a long and prolific history in the industry that seemed to show that there was no one better suited for the task than her. 7 years later, there are many who disagree with that idea, as one … Read more

George Lucas is very sorry that he left Kathleen Kennedy in charge of Star Wars

More than a rumor, we should call it an open secret. The creator of Star Wars really regrets leaving Kathleen Kennedy as president of Lucasfilm when he sold the company in 2012 to Disney, and that is that the production company not only betrayed George Lucas (THX 1138 – 88%, Summer Madness – 96%, Star … Read more

Was Harrison Ford a carpenter before signing for “Star Wars”?

The legend: In the late 70s, Harrison Ford he made his living as a carpenter. George Lucas discovered him when he was making arrangements for his great friend Francis Ford Coppola, so he recruited him to play Han Solo in Star Wars. Empirical facts: Brazilian singer Sergio Mendes posted on social media a photo with … Read more