Meat-eating ‘vulture bees’ sport acidic guts

Journal Reference: Laura L. Figueroa, Jessica J. Maccaro, Erin Krichilsky, Douglas Yanega, Quinn S. McFrederick. Why Did the Bee Eat the Chicken? Symbiont Gain, Loss, and Retention in the Vulture Bee Microbiome. mBio, 2021; DOI: 10.1128/mBio.02317-21 Typically, bees don’t eat meat. However, a species of stingless bee in the tropics has evolved the ability to … Read more

“The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a little bit of sport, a lot of money, and massive human rights violations”

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a little bit

Tribune. From the “shame balls” of 1998, made in Pakistan by underpaid and abused children, to the Russia of 2018, champion of repression, the recent history of the FIFA World Cup is marked by scandals. A little bit of sport, a lot of money and cynicism, and massive human rights violations: that could be the … Read more

Lafuga Cycling highlights the “exponential advance” of Spanish cycling retail – CMD Sport

Lafuga Cycling highlights the exponential advance of Spanish cycling retail

José Fresco, head of Lafuga Cycling, assures that in Galicia, the cycling market is “very dynamic”. (11-16-2021). José Fresco, founder and general manager of the Lafuga Cycling chain is “very satisfied” with the new look that the cycling retail scene has taken in Spain. As he assures, “the pandemic has shaken the entire sector and … Read more

GT Bicycles Iberia reaches goals in its first year under Cycling Sports Group – CMD Sport

GT Bicycles Iberia reaches goals in its first year under

Eva Castro, account manager of GT bicycles Iberia has been linked to the brand for years, both from a professional perspective and from her facet as a recognized and award-winning athlete. (PHOTO: Kike Abelleira). (11-16-2021). Eva Castro makes a positive assessment of her first 320 days as account manager of the GT Bicycles brand, under … Read more

From the former fireman Buscemi to the Mets-Yankees derby: this is how US sport remembers 11 September

From the former fireman Buscemi to the Mets Yankees derby this

There are many ceremonies that will surround the weekend football and baseball matches. On Thursday there was instead the classic ice hockey challenge between firefighters and New York police, which this year had a special meaning Every Saturday in the fall (and late summer) in the US is religiously dedicated to college football. Today, however, … Read more

Challenges with ourselves, doping and dangerous ambitions: how much sport is Alice in the City

Challenges with ourselves doping and dangerous ambitions how much sport

The autonomous section, which already has its winners, has always dedicated space to sport. We have chosen three special films: “Takeaway” also inspired by the story of Giuliana Salce, the docufilm about Veronica Yoko Plebani “Body to body” and “Natural left-handed” about a mother ready to do anything for the success of her footballer son. … Read more

The Major League Baseball World Series: the final of the sport that has millions in suspense and goes unnoticed in the rest of the world

The Major League Baseball World Series the final of the

The World Series from Major League Baseball (MLB), which faces the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves, tied 1-1 after the first two games, may go unnoticed in Argentina, where the sport is not widely practiced and cannot compete in popularity with soccer, motor racing, basketball or tennis, for example. But that clash not only … Read more

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