In Germany, Olaf Scholz presents a coalition agreement under the sign of “progress”

In Germany Olaf Scholz presents a coalition agreement under the

Olaf Scholz’s coalition government in Berlin on November 24, 2021. ODD ANDERSEN / AFP The change in continuity: the formula spontaneously comes to mind to describe the transition underway at the head of Germany. This Wednesday, November 24 was the perfect illustration. In the morning, Angela Merkel (CDU) chaired her last Council of Ministers. For … Read more

“I will sign all the children, no matter how long it takes”

I will sign all the children no matter how long

Jon Rahm landed two years later in Madrid to play the Acciona Open in Spain with the firm intention of equaling the three titles of Severiano Ballesteros in the tournament and the three consecutive by Ángel de la Torre between 1916 and 1919, curiously with a year in the middle of a stoppage due to … Read more

Auto market, U-turn. In April, the plus sign returns

Auto market U turn In April the plus sign returns

In the annual comparison, registrations grow by 1.47%. It is the first month in which the eco-bonus has actually been benefited. The diesel meltdown continues After the 3.1% decline in 2018 and the three consecutive drops in the first months of 2019, the Italian car market recorded a positive sign in April, also thanks to … Read more

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