The 5 sentences on March Madness waiting for the Gonzaga-Baylor final

The 5 sentences on March Madness waiting for the Gonzaga Baylor

The last second success of the Zags on the Cinderella Ucla splendid epilogue to a day that gave the world back the March Madness We have the collegiate final we’ve all been waiting for: Gonzaga against Baylor. The favorites of the eve, the first two teams of the ranking drawn up by the NCAA among … Read more

Extraordinary trial of the ‘Ndrangheta: 70 sentences handed down

Extraordinary trial of the Ndrangheta 70 sentences handed down

The maxi-trial takes place in a huge courtroom capable of accommodating hundreds of lawyers defending their clients and more than 900 prosecution witnesses and 58 defense witnesses. GIANLUCA CHININEA / AFP It is only one stage in this extraordinary trial which is only exceeded by the one organized in Palermo in 1986-1987 against the Sicilian … Read more

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