Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin in “Respect”: exclusive trailer and images

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson plays soul legend Aretha Franklin in a biopic named “Respect,” one of the singer’s most famous songs. The actress had the opportunity to meet Franklin in 2007 and in fact it was the Queen of Soul herself who He asked him to be the protagonist of his biography in the cinema. … Read more

‘Respect’ songwriter Kris Bowers talks about how Aretha shaped her career ⋆. –

Kris Bowers it was meant to make movie soundtracks. With both parents in the television industry, the Los Angeles native developed some amazing piano skills in his childhood and always saw himself as a songwriter. The Juilliard graduate informed his parents of his plans years before they came true. Kris Bowers poses at a press … Read more

Respect, the film about Aretha Franklin, returned to run its premiere

The coronavirus pandemic once again postponed the premiere of Respect, the film that tells the life of Aretha Franklin. Now, your arrival date in theaters went from January to August 13, 2021, as announced by the Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios. The new postponement is registered within the reserves shown by large studies of Hollywood in … Read more

Premieres: Review of Liesl Tommy’s “Respect: The Aretha Franklin Story”

As is often the case in many biographical films about famous musicians, the appearance of the true artist – brief as it may be – proves the futility of the project. On RESPECTAs is the custom in these cases, the real Aretha Franklin appears in the credits, singing a classic of hers at an important … Read more

All about Respect, the exciting movie about Aretha Franklin

“Aretha Franklin loved black people. Like me. I wanted to make sure that people of color felt loved in this movie the way it is shot; we try to give the characters time and space to live their life, breathe and unfold. We’ve been listening to whites telling us who we are for too long, … Read more