European cloud: the Gaia-X project is progressing but remains criticized

European cloud the Gaia X project is progressing but remains criticized

Is Gaia-X quite an ambitious project? Can he really be a game-changer? These questions continue to accompany the progress of this business alliance created in 2020 to bring about the emergence of a European ecosystem in the “cloud”, cloud computing. Some particularly regret the place given in the project to market leaders in data hosting … Read more

Arizona remains undefeated, Brady enchants. And Atlanta puts on a show … in London

Arizona remains undefeated Brady enchants And Atlanta puts on a

The Cardinals beat San Francisco and lengthen the streak. The Tampa Bay quarterback leads his team with an ageless, lucid direction. While kickers from all over the League combine every … Riccardo Pratesi @rprat75 October 11th – Milano Arizona remains undefeated, Brady enchants, ageless, the kickers combine all the colors, Atlanta wins in London. Sunday … Read more

Johnson, the unexpected hero. The remains of the Browns knock out the Broncos

Johnson the unexpected hero The remains of the Browns knock

Deprived of the starting quarterback (Mayfield) and the two best running backs (Chubb and Hunt), Cleveland rides the performance of the 25-year-old carneade. Fourth consecutive defeat for Denver Cleveland pride keeps Denver’s free fall continuing. The Thursday Night that opens the seventh day of the NFL gives the Browns a providential success against the Broncos. … Read more

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