In Mali, the junta proposes a new timetable to return power to civilians

In Mali the junta proposes a new timetable to return

Will the ruling junta in Mali soon agree to hold elections? While asking for a period of five years before returning power to civilians, the authorities resulting from the putsch of May 2021 announced that they had submitted, on Saturday January 8, a new proposal for a timetable to the Economic Community of African States. … Read more

In Sudan, three demonstrators killed during a new mobilization against the military power

In Sudan three demonstrators killed during a new mobilization against

A demonstration to denounce the military coup of October 2021, in Khartoum, Thursday, January 6, 2022. MARWAN ALI / AP Protests continue in Sudan. Repression too. Three demonstrators were shot dead on Thursday (January 6) in the capital, Khartoum, and its suburbs, where, as in the rest of the country, thousands of Sudanese have again … Read more

« Aux Etats-Unis, on assiste à une lame de fond massive du militantisme white power »

Aux Etats Unis on assiste a une lame de fond massive

Kathleen Belew, en 2017. BRIAN MCCONKEY Professeure d’histoire américaine à l’université de Chicago, Kathleen Belew est l’une des meilleures spécialistes des mouvements d’extrême droite. Elle est notamment l’autrice de Bring the War Home : The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America (« Ramener la guerre à la maison : le mouvement du “pouvoir blanc” et l’Amérique paramilitaire », … Read more

Climate change could lead to power outages, higher power costs on west coast of US

Journal References: Joy Hill, Jordan Kern, David E. Rupp, Nathalie Voisin, Gregory Characklis. The Effects of Climate Change on Interregional Electricity Market Dynamics on the U.S. West Coast. Earth’s Future, 2021; 9 (12) DOI: 10.1029/2021EF002400 Jacob Wessel, Jordan D. Kern, Nathalie Voisin, Konstantinos Oikonomou, Jannik Haas. Technology Pathways Could Help Drive the U.S. West Coast … Read more

Iranian nuclear power: Washington sees “modest” progress in negotiations

Iranian nuclear power Washington sees modest progress in negotiations

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price in Washington, DC, February 16, 2021. POOL / REUTERS The United States reported progress on Tuesday (December 28) “Modest” in the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, but joined the Europeans in insisting on “The emergency” to conclude the discussions in the face of Tehran’s nuclear advances. “We have noticed … Read more

The evocative power of contemporary Japanese architecture

The evocative power of contemporary Japanese architecture

Muku Kindergarten, in Shizuoka (Japan), 2018, by Tezuka Architects. KIDA KATSUHISA / FOTOTECA We could have done less confusing as an introduction to an exhibition devoted to contemporary Japanese architecture than a presentation on the history of the Asile Flotant, the barge that Le Corbusier had rehabilitated in 1929 at the request of the Army. … Read more

Measuring a quantum computer’s power just got faster and more accurate

Journal Reference: Timothy Proctor, Kenneth Rudinger, Kevin Young, Erik Nielsen, Robin Blume-Kohout. Measuring the capabilities of quantum computers. Nature Physics, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41567-021-01409-7 Now, scientist-scouts have their first tool to rank a prospective technology’s ability to run realistic tasks, revealing its true potential and limitations. A new kind of benchmark test, designed at Sandia National … Read more

Kim Jong-un celebrates ten years in power in a country closed in on itself

Kim Jong un celebrates ten years in power in a country

Photos of North Korean leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, in Pyongyang, December 3, 2018. ED JONES / AFP When he was thrown to the top of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) the day after the sudden death of his father Kim Jong-il on December 17, 2011, Kim Jong-un was 27 years old. … Read more

Le tourisme, soft power en germe de l’Arabie

Le tourisme soft power en germe de lArabie

Vue de l’étape 10 du Paris-Dakar entre Neom et AlUla, en Arabie Saoudite, le 13 janvier 2021. HAMAD I MOHAMMED / REUTERS A côté de ses volets diplomatiques et commerciaux, le déplacement d’Emmanuel Macron en Arabie saoudite, samedi 4 décembre, comportait une petite dimension touristique et patrimoniale. Depuis la signature en avril 2018 d’un accord intergouvernemental avec … Read more

Belgium is still procrastinating on an exit from nuclear power

Belgium is still procrastinating on an exit from nuclear power

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health Frank Vandenbroucke in Brussels on Friday 3 December. NICOLAS MAETERLINCK / AFP The complete phase-out of nuclear power in 2025 is “The solution that will create the least amount of worry” : it is with a … Read more

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