“Pink Meet”, an event dedicated to the fight against breast cancer

On World Day to Fight Breast Cancer, Ella magazine held its “Pink Meet” event with the aim of raising awareness about the issue. Photos: Javier Aparicio. Once again, Ella Magazine joins the awareness of breast cancer, because one in eight women can suffer from this disease according to statistics. The objective of the “Pink Meet” … Read more

Guide to stamp your signature demanding freedom for Alex Saab (+ Code Pink) – DiarioVea

VEA / Ildegar Gil A digital space requesting support to join wills in favor of the freedom of Alex Saab, is promoted by the American organization Code Pink, related to the defense of human rights and outlined from a feminist perspective. The campaign can be found on the digital networks of the aforementioned group. Those … Read more

Tula Rodríguez and Ethel Pozo: meet celebrities who dressed the same, showbiz, Chollywood

The journalist Samuel Suárez made it clear that Tula Rodríguez and Ethel Pozo apparently they share the same ‘trade-in’, as they wore the same dress model on their television shows. But this singular event not only happens to Peruvian celebrities, but also to Hollywood stars. Today The popular It will tell you which famous women … Read more

Pink offers to pay fine of Norwegian handball team

(CNN) — Singer-songwriter Pink offered to pay fines imposed on the Norwegian women’s beach handball team after they refused to wear bikini bottoms in competitions. Last week, the European Handball Federation (EHF) fined the team a total of € 1,500 (about US $ 1,765), claiming that the women competed in “inappropriate clothing” by wearing shorts … Read more

Do you remember the pink diamond ring that Ben Affleck gave to J.Lo?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, officially together 1:00 Editor’s note: Delving into the archives of pop culture history, “Do you remember when?” is a CNN Style series that offers a nostalgic look at the outfits of the celebrities who defined their times. (CNN) — In the early 2000s, it was impossible to escape from “Bennifer”. … Read more

Singer Pink offers to pay the fine of the Norwegian national team for not wearing a bikini

The EHF disciplinary commission imposed a fine of 1,500 euros on the Scandinavian team, which faced one match; Pink offered to pay the penalty JAPAN – American singer Pink offered to pay the fine imposed on the Norwegian women’s beach handball team for playing a match of the European championship, against Spain, wearing short leggings … Read more

Miley Cyrus is ready for a show in a tie-up top, spandex shorts, and hot pink sneakers.

Steven van zandt’s acting debut was almost very different. The 70-year-old rocker is known to have played Silvio Dante in “The Sopranos,” which was his first time on screen, except for a flashing cameo and you’ll miss it in the 1985’s. ”American flyers. “ The star appeared in 79 of the 86 episodes of the … Read more

Pink recounts her ‘terrifying’ experience and that of her son Jameson with Covid

One of the worst experiences of his life, one of the hardest and most distressing that you will surely never forget. So it could be defined what Pink suffered when she and her son Jameson caught Covid a year ago, something the American artist spoke about again in all its rawness. “It was really scary”, … Read more

It would change the mind with LSD effects and it had Pink Floyd and Dalí: the psychedelic version of ‘Dune’ by Jodorowsky, “the best film that never saw the light”

The long-awaited movie ‘Dune’, by director Denis Villeneuve, which opened in theaters last week, brings to mind the most eccentric and surreal film adaptation project of the novel of the same name. Frank Herbert. Without leaving aside the version of David Lynch 1984, which failed miserably, nor the two adapted miniseries: ‘Dune’ (2000) and ‘The … Read more