Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara: the artist receives “medical discharge” after being isolated for almost a month in a hospital in Havana

Drafting BBC News World 31 mayo 2021 Image source, Networking Caption, Join the images released of the artist during his hospitalization. Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, the most visible face of the opposition in Cuba, received “medical discharge” this Monday, after more than four weeks isolated in a hospital in Havana. “The medical team … Read more

Blanca Portillo premieres today “Maixabel” and confesses why she was panicky working with Luis Tosar

Blanca Portillo tells that one night playing Hamlet in the theater she invoked her father, who died when she was 18 years old. “He is a character who spends his life talking to his dead father. And I think I brought him. I saw him between the columns of the Slaughterhouse. Many nights. I know … Read more

Artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara imprisoned in the Guanajay maximum security prison

Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, leader of the San Isidro Movement, was transferred to the maximum security prison of Guanajay This Wednesday, the activist and art curator Claudia Genlui confirmed that the visual artist has been held in Guanajay prison since last week, according to what was said by Lieutenant Colonel “Emilio” during Genlui’s visit to … Read more