Efficient organic solar cells processed from green solvents

Journal Reference: Haiyang Chen, Rui Zhang, Xiaobin Chen, Guang Zeng, Libor Kobera, Sabina Abbrent, Ben Zhang, Weijie Chen, Guiying Xu, Jiyeon Oh, So-Huei Kang, Shanshan Chen, Changduk Yang, Jiri Brus, Jianhui Hou, Feng Gao, Yaowen Li, Yongfang Li. A guest-assisted molecular-organization approach for >17% efficiency organic solar cells using environmentally friendly solvents. Nature Energy, 2021; … Read more

Pathway for ‘green ammonia’ opens in a combined experimental and computational study

Journal Reference: Qianru Wang, Jaysree Pan, Jianping Guo, Heine Anton Hansen, Hua Xie, Ling Jiang, Lei Hua, Haiyang Li, Yeqin Guan, Peikun Wang, Wenbo Gao, Lin Liu, Hujun Cao, Zhitao Xiong, Tejs Vegge, Ping Chen. Ternary ruthenium complex hydrides for ammonia synthesis via the associative mechanism. Nature Catalysis, 2021; 4 (11): 959 DOI: 10.1038/s41929-021-00698-8 There … Read more

Two is better than one: Single-atom dimer electrocatalyst for green hydrogen production

Journal Reference: Ashwani Kumar, Viet Q. Bui, Jinsun Lee, Lingling Wang, Amol R. Jadhav, Xinghui Liu, Xiaodong Shao, Yang Liu, Jianmin Yu, Yosep Hwang, Huong T. D. Bui, Sara Ajmal, Min Gyu Kim, Seong-Gon Kim, Gyeong-Su Park, Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Hyoyoung Lee. Moving beyond bimetallic-alloy to single-atom dimer atomic-interface for all-pH hydrogen evolution. Nature Communications, 2021; … Read more

Under the snow Green Bay returns to win. Tampa Bay and Arizona, the fall of the big names

Under the snow Green Bay returns to win Tampa Bay

Seattle knocked out at Lambeau Field, Tennessee even surpasses New Orleans. On Monday Night there is San Francisco-Los Angeles Rams Riccardo Pratesi @rprat75 November 15 – Milano Rodgers returns, and Green Bay returns to win, under the snow. Tampa and Arizona collapse in a thunderous way, Tennessee quietly continues to make the pitch talk. These … Read more

Green Bay falls in Kansas City, the Cowboys overwhelmed by Denver

Green Bay falls in Kansas City the Cowboys overwhelmed by

Ninth day of surprise results: New Orleans beaten at home by Atlanta, the Giants beat Las Vegas Nfl Sunday NFL with crazy results, which are hard to imagine crazier. Denver overwhelms Dallas in Texas, Jacksonville surprises Buffalo against all logic, New Orleans surrenders in Louisiana to Atlanta and Las Vegas yields to the New York … Read more

Computational discovery of complex alloys could speed the way to green aviation

Journal Reference: P. Singh, S. Picak, A. Sharma, Y. I. Chumlyakov, R. Arroyave, I. Karaman, Duane D. Johnson. Martensitic Transformation in FexMn80−xCo10Cr10 High-Entropy Alloy. Physical Review Letters, 2021; 127 (11) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.127.115704 High-entropy alloys are composed from four or more different elements, and often have many desirable properties — they are lightweight, strong, ductile, corrosion resistant … Read more

Industry must prepare now for a new world of green electricity

Journal Reference: Alan Grainger, George Smith. The role of low carbon and high carbon materials in carbon neutrality science and carbon economics. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 2021; 49: 164 DOI: 10.1016/j.cosust.2021.06.006 The study cautions that national strategies for replacing fossil fuels with renewables need an integrated approach to energy use and material production — … Read more

The last undefeated also falls: Green Bay passes into Arizona’s home

The last undefeated also falls Green Bay passes into Arizonas

An interception in the end zone at 12 ”from the end punishes the Cardinals. Rodgers works wonders even without his top 3 receivers. For the Packers it is the 7th consecutive success after the defeat in the opening match There are no more undefeated teams in NFL. The Arizona Cardinals after 7 wins lose against … Read more

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