Iran : « Le sentiment d’un grand gâchis »

Iran Le sentiment dun grand gachis

Chronique. C’est plus dur que négocier un tapis au bazar de Téhéran et sans doute plus nécessaire que jamais : les palabres sur le nucléaire iranien reprennent le 29 novembre à Vienne. La République islamique pense négocier en position de force face aux Etats-Unis. A l’intérieur, pourtant, la situation est différente. La photo qui émerge est celle … Read more

Annual Rugby Grand Final: the kettle goes red hot

Annual Rugby Grand Final the kettle goes red hot

Regardless of this afternoon’s result, the 2021 season will be remembered as the one in which Natación and Tucumán Rugby crossed paths in three consecutive finals. The “Whites” won the first round (the Apertura), the “Verdinegros” the second (the Clausura), but it will be whoever prevails this afternoon who will win the biggest prize: the … Read more

Peugeot Pulsion 125, scooter with a grand touring soul

Peugeot Pulsion 125 scooter with a grand touring soul

From the wide saddle pad to the keyless system, the new two-wheeler stands out for its care. It goes well in the fold and the engine gives immediate confidence A 125 scooter dressed as a Gran Turismo that thinks big: with the new Pulsion Peugeot is serious and returns to make the big voice in … Read more

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