Spain and France will play a controversial final of the European roller hockey

Spain and France will play a controversial final of the

Guillem Cabestany’s block defeats France 1-3, a result that knocks out Portugal even without playing their last match The Portuguese public booed the alleged passivity of the two teams Controversy in the European roller hockey, held in Paredes (Portugal). Spain will fight this Saturday (9:00 p.m. TDP) to revalidate its continental crown against France, which … Read more

The 5 sentences on March Madness waiting for the Gonzaga-Baylor final

The 5 sentences on March Madness waiting for the Gonzaga Baylor

The last second success of the Zags on the Cinderella Ucla splendid epilogue to a day that gave the world back the March Madness We have the collegiate final we’ve all been waiting for: Gonzaga against Baylor. The favorites of the eve, the first two teams of the ranking drawn up by the NCAA among … Read more

Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7, the final goodbye to the last Mexican Golf

Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7 the final goodbye to the last

It’s always been hard for me to say goodbye. To the places, to the people, to the last spoonful of dessert and to the cars. Fire the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI It is not so simple knowing that it could be the last in Mexico, and that’s why I asked Volkswagen for one last lap to … say goodbye?

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Annual Rugby Grand Final: the kettle goes red hot

Annual Rugby Grand Final the kettle goes red hot

Regardless of this afternoon’s result, the 2021 season will be remembered as the one in which Natación and Tucumán Rugby crossed paths in three consecutive finals. The “Whites” won the first round (the Apertura), the “Verdinegros” the second (the Clausura), but it will be whoever prevails this afternoon who will win the biggest prize: the … Read more

Lawn Tennis hit in the final, won the classic and the EL LIBERAL Daily Cup – El Liberal

Lawn Tennis hit in the final won the classic and

23/10/2021 – 12:57 Sports The Santiago rugby classic was Old Lions, but two minutes after closing, Álvaro Maguicha appeared in great action to dive into the ingoal, plus the conversion of Coronel, to give the Santiago Lawn Tennis the triumph yesterday from 16 to 13, and in this way get to go to the final … Read more

Vienna Tennis Open: German Zverev became champion | The Hamburg-born beat Frances Tiafoe in the final

Vienna Tennis Open German Zverev became champion The Hamburg born

German Alexander Zverev defeated American Frances Tiafoe 7-5, 6-4 in the final 7-5, 6-4, to be crowned ATP 500 champion in Vienna, Austria. The victory was consolidated in one hour and 36 minutes of play on a hard surface, within the framework of a tournament that awarded prizes of $ 1,974,000. The Hamburg tennis player, … Read more

Mario Canessa Oneto: From when the Davis Cup made us dream of a final | Columnists | sports

Mario Canessa Oneto From when the Davis Cup made us

Ecuador did not participate in the Davis Cup in 1964, 1965 and 1966 for various reasons. Eduardo Zuleta had acquired many tennis commitments in the world and rarely returned to the country. However, the greatest impediment was that Miguel Olvera had suffered a loss of health, his lungs being affected, and his recovery had taken … Read more

The Major League Baseball World Series: the final of the sport that has millions in suspense and goes unnoticed in the rest of the world

The Major League Baseball World Series the final of the

The World Series from Major League Baseball (MLB), which faces the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves, tied 1-1 after the first two games, may go unnoticed in Argentina, where the sport is not widely practiced and cannot compete in popularity with soccer, motor racing, basketball or tennis, for example. But that clash not only … Read more

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