‘Fast and furious’: Jordana Brewster wants to be part of the female spin-off of the saga – movie news

Right now a spin-off of ‘Fast and Furious’ is in development, focusing on the female characters of the saga. Jordana Brewster recently claimed to be excited to see girl power on the big screen. The main saga of Fast and furious is coming to an end but that does not mean a goodbye, since right … Read more

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What dream did i have Dwayne Johnson? The story of “La Roca” is one of the most exciting because of how he managed to overcome obstacles. There was a time when he ended up with seven dollars in his wallet and nothing else ahead of him. But he did not give up until he became … Read more

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Movie fans “Fast and Furious“Or also known in Spanish-speaking countries as”Fast and furious”, They have cataloged this franchise as one of the best that has been produced and that have been very successful in the United States. One of the actresses that appears in this saga is Cardi B. MORE INFORMATION: When a “Fast and … Read more