A famous hockey player was key to stopping “La Diabla”, the most wanted pimp in Spain

A famous hockey player was key to stopping La Diabla

Robert Licitis helped stop “La Diabla” Weeks ago the Spanish authorities included Leudis Isaac Corro Camacho, a transsexual nicknamed “La Diabla”, on his list of most wanted fugitives. His photographs began to circulate and the strategy worked: one of her clients, the well-known Lithuanian hockey player named Robert Licitis, gave her up. Finally, ‘La Diabla’ … Read more

Face to face with Ninja, the most famous streamer: “I don’t go shopping anymore”

Face to face with Ninja the most famous streamer I

The popularity and the controversies seem to have suggested greater caution to one of the most well-known faces of the network, between Fortnite and a novelty linked to UNO. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins seems to have jumped out of nowhere. He was already popular in his bubble as a Halo 3 and Fortnite streamer, but it’s … Read more

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