Leonardo DiCaprio “is not good in bed”

Leonardo Dicaprio “He’s not good in bed,” said the niece of one of his alleged conquests without embarrassment, who ruthlessly revealed that the Hollywood star is lousy when it comes to love affairs. “My aunt has slept with Leonardo DiCaprio,” said Star, Julianne Hough’s teenage niece, on the social media app. TikTok. “Apparently, though, he’s … Read more

What is Leonardo DiCaprio doing? Saving the Galapagos with millionaire donations

Rose’s savior on the Titanic, Leonardo Dicaprio, is becoming a real-life hero seeking to protect endangered species in the mega-diverse Galapagos Islands. For this, the super power he has, in addition to his conscience, is the same one that characters such as Batman y Iron Man: a strengthened portfolio capable of launching millionaire donations. As … Read more

Leonardo Dicaprio makes a millionaire donation to restore Galapagos Islands – People – Culture

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Inside the incredible mansion in Malibu that Leonardo DiCaprio decorated with objects from “Titanic” and put up for sale for 10 million dollars

When it comes to thinking about the mansions of the most recognized characters in show business, the mind is automatically transported to imagining grounds of hundreds and hundreds of square meters, with kitchens equipped with the latest technologies, huge swimming pools and gardens that fill with peace. the home, plus an exorbitant number of luxurious … Read more

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, a love story after Titanic

More than 24 years ago Kate Winslet met Leonardo Dicaprio in the recordings of Titanic, a movie as memorable as their love story, but we don’t mean that romantic notion of a couple, but to affection, support and complicity that arises between two great friends, as it happens with these two actors, whose relationship has … Read more

A man revolutionizes TikTok for his striking resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio

Who wouldn’t want to look a little like one of the most sought-after actors not only in Hollywood but also in the world? On TikTok, it has become fashionable for anonymous users to share their similarities with the most famous personalities from around the planet. Read also Judith del Rio Almost all of them have … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in cellular meat companies

By Agrositio. 29/09/2021 | 16:09 The Hollywood star, a renowned environmental activist, considers cultured meat as one of the solutions to climate change. One of the most impactful ways to combat the climate crisis is to fundamentally reshape our global food system. Mosa Meat pioneered a cleaner, gentler way to make real meat with the … Read more