Netflix to bring Keanu Reeves comic ‘BRZRKR’ to life

Keanu Reeves, almighty, transferred his figure to the comic industry, because in March of this year he launched an illustrated story with his friends Matt Kindt and Ron Garney entitled BRZRKR and that has him as the protagonist. Keanu is the co-writer and creator of the cartoon that has 12 issues of action and ultraviolence. … Read more

Ricarlo Flanagan, ‘Shameless’ Actor and ‘Last Comic Standing’ Contestant, Dies at 40

Ricarlo Flanagan, an actor, rapper and stand-up comedian known for starring in Shameless and competing on Last Comic Standing, died over the weekend of COVID complications. He was 40. “Sadly this pandemic has taken the life of an extremely talented performer and even nicer human being,” Flanagan’s talent representative told Variety. “Ricarlo will be greatly missed.” Earlier this month, … Read more

Chris Evans holds the absolute record for playing comic book characters

Share0 Actor Chris Evans will always be remembered for playing Steve Rogers / Captain America, but in total he has been 9 comic book characters. If we review the filmography of Chris Evans we realize that it has not only been Steve Rogers / Captain America and Johnny Storm / Antorcha Humana in Fantastic Four, … Read more

The Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie says it could be the best movie ever based on a comic book and Dastmalchian agrees

The expectations of The Suicide Squad – 91% are soaring. There is no doubt about it. Basically Warner Bros gave James Gunn carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with the DC property of his choice and he chose Task Force X. It makes sense. If he showed something with his work in the MCU, … Read more

Keanu Reeves talks about becoming a hit comic book writer

Keanu Reeves loves to talk about BRZRKR. Throughout our interview with the superstar actor from iconic franchises like The Matrix, the Bill & Ted movies, and of course the John Wick series, it shows he’s fully involved in this new character on whose shoulders he’s building a multimedia franchise. And while he’s far from the … Read more

Keanu Reeves reveals details of adaptations of ‘BRZRKR’, the ultraviolent comic

Keanu Reeves has unveiled new details of adaptations of BRZRKR, the ultraviolent comic that Netflix will cover, emphasizing the live action tape as well as the animated series. BRZRKR is a comics saga written and created by Reeves himself and Matt Kindt and drawn by Ron Garney that has become a success. The actor, to … Read more

‘Looney Tunes’: Watch one of the episodes of the new version of the cartoon – Comic Con 2020 – Series News

The new version of the ‘Looney Tunes’ is a visual delight that evokes pure nostalgia since they respect the original designs, so it is worth watching an episode premiered at Comic Con 2020. Memories of our childhood return in a jiffy when we take a look at one of the full episodes of the new … Read more

Comic vs movie? Characters who are better in Marvel movies

Marvel Studios | Marvel Studios The Marvel Cinematic Universe forever changed the way superhero movies were made. Thanks to his films, millions of fans saw some of his greatest characters for the first time. Marvel Studios Some comic book fans assure that the printed version of some of those heroes is superior to the one … Read more

The keys to ‘La Fortuna’, the most anticipated Spanish series of the year

Related news The Fortune it is one of the most anticipated series of the remainder of the year. Perhaps it is the most anticipated Spanish series. It is not for less. Behind there is a weighty name, that of Amenábar AwayOscar winner for Sea Inside and director of films that have marked the history of … Read more