Call to strike at Netflix, divided on comedian Dave Chappelle and his jokes deemed transphobic and homophobic

Dave Chappelle in New York City, January 28, 2018. CHARLES SYKES/INVISION/AP For Netflix, the situation is unprecedented: several dozen employees called on their colleagues to go on strike, Wednesday, October 20, to demand the stopping of the broadcasting of the show by American comedian Dave Chappelle, entitled The Closer and uploaded to the streaming platform … Read more

The keys to the success of “Guilty” and other psychological thrillers where a call catches the viewer from the first minute

As much as streaming monopolizes the wide tastes that exist in the world, not all movies manage to hold on to the top for a long time. Some even do not appear as trends. Culpable, directed by Antoine Fuqua and headed by Jake Gyllenhaal, has been occupying spaces among the most viewed for several days. … Read more

The Suicide Squad: First Reactions Appear and They Call James Gunn a Genius

Although he managed to convince several fans, most were not happy with Suicide Squad – 25%, so it’s no surprise there is so much excitement surrounding The Suicide Squad – 91%, by James Gunn, a film that serves as a sequel to Suicide Squad and at the same time as a “light” reboot. Everyone who … Read more

On Call for Halloween: A Horror Buff Offers Scary Movie Recommendations By Phone

Samuel Zimmerman hops on the phone every Friday afternoon in October with people hunting custom movie recommendations. “Hey, this is the Shudder Halloween hotline,” he said last week. “Who’s calling?” Mr. Zimmerman, head of programming at Shudder, a streaming service specializing in horror, suggested an Australian flick about a killer boar, “Razorback,” for a caller … Read more

Dwayne Johnson: Why do you call it “The Rock”?

A true movie actor. Dwayne Johnson is known as “The Rock”In honor of his father and grandfather because they were, like him, immersed in the wrestling. Very recently they revealed the name of the person who gave Dwayne Johnson the nickname “The Rock” (which means, the rock). According to Prichard, it was Jim Ross who, … Read more

Dune, they call her … Cleopatra Wong, her name

Danube (PG13) 156 minutes, now displayed, 4 stars For this adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel about the rivals of the space clan, French Canadian director and co-writer Denis Villeneuve does the crucial work of world-building without resorting to excessive voices or creeping or jamming text. same. indulgent minutiae. Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet), son of … Read more

I Know This Much Is True | Mark Ruffalo and his call to care for ‘Mother Earth’ | nczg | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more The actor’s speech Mark Ruffalo upon receiving the Golden Globes for best actor for his participation in the miniseries The undeniable truth, marked one of the most talked about moments of the ceremony. As it was broadcast virtually, all the nominees lived the ceremony in their homes, which … Read more

Gerardo Lizarraga, the Navarrese militiaman who worked for 20th Century Fox

Gerardo Lizarraga, an artist affiliated with the UGT. Blanca Oria Archive Reconocido and remembered in Mexico, unknown and forgotten in Euskadi, Gerardo Lizarraga placeholder image was a iruindarra attached to the UGT and an artist of the time like few others. The Navarrese lHe ran on the Republican front against the Franco regime and, after … Read more

Five Spanish feature films get help from Eurimages in their June call

Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Alberto Vázquez, José Luis López Linares, Fernando Trueba and Juan Diego Botto have received help from the Eurimages fund for their next feature films. The Board of Directors has met for the 163rd time, this time by video call, and has distributed 10,816,000 euros among 49 feature films. Spain has increased the number … Read more