Hernan Westmann: History of tennis in Argentina

Hernan Westmann History of tennis in Argentina

As is often the case with most sports that were introduced in Argentina, these are irrefutably linked to the English. Hernan Westmann comments that when the English arrived at the end of the 19th century with the aim of building the railway in those areas, they also introduced aspects of their sports culture that included, … Read more

An ATP 500, the expansion of the WTA and Del Potro’s goal | The challenges of the organizers of the Argentina Open

An ATP 500 the expansion of the WTA and Del

Argentine tennis enjoyed a historic week at the beginning of November. For the first time in 34 years, a WTA-caliber tournament was played on national soil: the Argentina Open, WTA 125 category, took place at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, featured ten local players in the main draw and had as champion the Hungarian … Read more

Victoria Jiménez Kasintseva: the No. 1 junior who played at the Argentina Open and dreams big

Victoria Jimenez Kasintseva the No 1 junior who played at

Sergio Llamera Through the corridors of the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, she was seen walking quietly and timidly. Almost stealthily. Under her signature visor, cell phone in one hand and hydration bottle in the other, she enjoyed her second experience at a WTA tournament. His peculiar name attracted attention within the main draw of … Read more

Argentina Open: Lourdes Carlé, a promise of Argentine tennis that is already a reality

Argentina Open Lourdes Carle a promise of Argentine tennis that

Born on February 10, 2000, Carlé stood out very quickly for her qualities. It was then that he left his home to move to Tandil. Someone very special had detected her: Marcelo Gomez, the trainer of Juan Martin del Potro, began to train her. His last name became one of the most sought after at … Read more

Argentina Open: the ball gamers who idolize Schwartzman and Podoroska

Argentina Open the ball gamers who idolize Schwartzman and Podoroska

The uniforms are painted on them. White beanie, gray shirt, blue jacket to the tone, very sporty. They move from here to there under very strict rules, according to predetermined routes, but without forgetting that they are just entering adolescence, with all that that implies. Ole he is with them (and with the wink of … Read more

Mayar Sherif, the lover of the dulce de leche that came from the Pyramids to the Argentina Open

Mayar Sherif the lover of the dulce de leche that

The N ° 1 of WTA Argentina Open live a dreamy 2021. After being the first woman from her country to play a Grand Slam -At Roland Garros 2020-, this year managed to be the first to win in the big four, at the Australian Open. “It is never easy to move on a different … Read more

Argentina Open 2021: cuadro, entradas y cmo ver por TV online

Argentina Open 2021 cuadro entradas y como ver por TV

Argentina Open 2021: favoritos, orden de juego y televisin El Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis recibir la 21 edicin del Argentina Open, que contar con al menos ocho argentinos en el cuadro principal, con Diego Schwartzman como mejor preclasificado de la competencia y en busca de que un tenista local vuelva a ganar el trofeo tras … Read more

In Argentina, the marital crisis of a PSG player provokes a social debate

In Argentina the marital crisis of a PSG player provokes

LETTER FROM BUENOS AIRES PSG player Mauro Icardi is at the heart of a social debate in Argentina, born from the display in the media of his marital problems. GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS Immediately, the topic sparked discord and uproar. Then Julia, 26, spoke up and silenced the whole assembly gathered in Tolosa, 60 kilometers … Read more

Se viene el Argentina Open: ¿cómo impactará en el tenis femenino nacional?

Se viene el Argentina Open ¿como impactara en el tenis

Cuando hablamos de deporte, no hay distinción de género. Sin embargo, las disciplinas están categorizadas para poder ser llevadas a cabo en forma de competencia y regidas por federaciones nacionales e internacionales. Sin embargo, y como pasa en la vida misma, el panorama está lleno de desigualdades, cuestión que -en los últimos años- se está … Read more

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