Research team makes considerable advance in brain-inspired computing

Journal Reference: Xiaodong Yan, Jiahui Ma, Tong Wu, Aoyang Zhang, Jiangbin Wu, Matthew Chin, Zhihan Zhang, Madan Dubey, Wei Wu, Mike Shuo-Wei Chen, Jing Guo, Han Wang. Reconfigurable Stochastic neurons based on tin oxide/MoS2 hetero-memristors for simulated annealing and the Boltzmann machine. Nature Communications, 2021; 12 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-26012-5 In the brain, randomness plays an … Read more

Lafuga Cycling highlights the “exponential advance” of Spanish cycling retail – CMD Sport

Lafuga Cycling highlights the exponential advance of Spanish cycling retail

José Fresco, head of Lafuga Cycling, assures that in Galicia, the cycling market is “very dynamic”. (11-16-2021). José Fresco, founder and general manager of the Lafuga Cycling chain is “very satisfied” with the new look that the cycling retail scene has taken in Spain. As he assures, “the pandemic has shaken the entire sector and … Read more

Advance with surprise: Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins

Advance with surprise Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins

On Thursday Night of the tenth day the Ravens lose in Miami. Newton returns to the Panthers, Beckham to the Rams By dint of playing with fire, you end up getting burned. The Ravens demonstrate this on Thursday Night which opens the tenth day of the NFL, surprisingly losing 10-22 in Miami. After having straightened … Read more

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