The 10 best indie video games for PC and console

From Untitled Goose Game to Undertale, through Journey, Ori, Disco Elysium and … Here is the ranking of the 10 best indie video games for PC and console.

How beautiful they are indie video games? If you’ve spent the last few years sifting through all the triple-A video games from big studios and avoided the indie scene for some reason, you’re missing out on the best. These are the kinds of experiences you can’t have anywhere else, with a true creative vision behind them.

The best indie games –

Gaming is going through a real blast for indie video games right now, so picking the top 10 is a really tricky task. Each of the following games has had a huge impact on the community of fans but, unfortunately, we can’t fit them all into this ranking. For the purpose of the ranking, the most obvious choices have been excluded, such as the now ex indies such as Among us and Minecraft, in order to properly highlight some real hidden gems. With these caveats in mind, here are some of the 10 best indie video games for PC and console.

10. Untitled Goose Game —

It’s a great morning down in town, and you’re a terrible goose. An elementary idea that has almost achieved viral status among gamers all over the world. Untitled Goose Game is a stealth slapstick game with a relaxed attitude and an amicably simple story.

It will surely make you laugh and mind-bending thanks to its well-made puzzles, while enjoying the calm atmosphere of a small town. AND, last but not least, the game’s unique functionality is a button that serves only to squawk (!!!).

9. Papers, Please —

This is one of the older games on our list, but it earns its place among the best indie games thanks to its original concept, addicting gameplay and fascinating world-building. By playing Papers, Please, you will have the chance to explore the communist world of Arstotzka through so many different lives and personalities that you will discover as an immigration inspector. You will have to make difficult decisions that will alter the futures of others, all while investigating your own history and finding your place in this dystopian world.

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The world of the game is brilliantly written and will make you question your every instinct, your every reaction to the various characters and every situation. Papers, Please is a fantastic idea, a beautifully crafted simulation / puzzle. Its storytelling, atmosphere and gameplay are unique, and still serve as the inspiration for many more recent indie projects.

8. Unpacking —

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences a human being can have. Unpacking makes it somewhat relaxing, unless you watch someone else play – in that case, it might even infuriate you.

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What makes this game special, besides the pleasure of the “drag and drop” gameplay, is the way it composes a real story by simply moving objects. Why is a shoe missing? Why does the relocating person want me to put this photograph under the bed? And why are there so many socks? It is equally a game in which to rearrange rooms and be a detective. And it’s hard to explain why it looks so good without playing it yourself, so download it and do it as soon as possible.

7. Little Nightmares —

This spectacular puzzle platformer represents a unique take on the horror genre. Little Nightmares is a fantastic break from the grip of first-person horror based entirely on jump-scare. Aesthetically pleasing and with an adorable little protagonist, the game slowly draws you into its dark world. The player will need to have a keen eye for visual problem solving, while enjoying the thrilling atmosphere of the game or, more likely, awaiting the next, terrifying development of the story.

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The distorted story of Little Nightmares is not told through dialogue, but a lot lore is hidden in the details beautifully animated setting. The captivating story of Little Nightmares has seen the minds of countless fans working in unison to solve the mysteries of the Maw and Pale City.

6. Ori and the Blind Forest —

Critically acclaimed, this masterpiece series provides a breathtaking platform-adventure experience. Its stunning aesthetic with hand drawn artwork gives life to a land of magical and friendly fairytale creatures. There orchestral soundtrack, full of suave chants, it beautifully reflects the exciting story of the two games.

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Ori’s fluid and dynamic movements will let you jump from platform to platform in vast exotic territories. Ori and the Will of the Wisps’ diverse fighting styles will help you defeat numerous new enemies. And the variety of movement skills will give you the feeling of flying through action sequences, all while enjoying yourself a deeply moving story on love and sacrifice.

5. Journey —

It was launched nearly a decade ago, but this captivating adventure is still one of the indies that have left their mark the most. With its remarkable art direction and Grammy-nominated soundtrack, the game has you embarking on an exciting journey for an ancient and mysterious world.

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Its subtle storytelling, adorable aesthetics, and gameplay that it will warm your heart have set the standard for dozens of other Journey-like indie adventures.

4. Disco Elysium —

One of the best-written video games of all time, Disco Elysium puts you in the shoes (when you can find them, at least…) of a slacker cop tasked with solving a local murder case. You’ll find yourself wandering around an isometric city, asking suspects and witnesses questions, looking for clues as you fight your own employees. All philosophizing about life, death and everything in between.

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There is nothing else like Disco Elysium. It is absurd, funny, sincere, grounded, sad, intelligent and deviant. A true work of art.

3. Hollow Knight —

Often referred to as one of the best examples of metroidvania, Hollow Knight is loved by players for its captivating atmospheres and skill-demanding gameplay. As you play and explore the world of Hallownest, the beautifully detailed artwork and elaborate world-building reveal the tragic story of a desolate kingdom. You will be delighted every time you explore an undiscovered part of the map, thanks to excellent level and setting design.

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Hollow Knight will have you battling over 40 different bosses, each with their own unique movement set and epic music theme. Those who love a good challenge will take home sweaty but fair victories. If you add to this an engaging story, here Hollow Knight becomes a rich and fantastic experience.

2. Hades —

Set in the colorful world of Greek mythology, this roguelike combines dynamic action, stunning graphics and intelligently written dialogue in one brilliant package. The game, which has won multiple awards such as GOTY 2020, is an example of a well done dungeon crawler with fast-paced gameplay and a rich story. In addition, the variety of weapons and playstyles, and procedurally generated battles will offer you an always action-packed, but always different, experience with every run.

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Hades’ fantastic narrative stays true to the original myth and lets you meet many members of the giant family of Greek gods – each with their own story to tell. With intelligent dialogue and fascinating characters, the Supergiant Games title represents diversity in a respectful and lovable way. Each run will bring you closer to the surface, but will also drop you deeper into the lives of the inhabitants of the Underworld.

1. Undertale —

Unlike many other thrilling or action-packed titles, this whimsical adventure-RPG has earned a place in the hearts of countless fans and in gaming history itself. Its light humor and emotional depth have impressed many users. His well-written characters are curious and memorable, and make magnificent travel companions in the world of monsters.

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Offering a unique approach to fighting, Undertale reverses the way players view enemies and NPCs. Users are faced with fast-paced fights followed by decisions that will determine the fate of their challengers. Often you may find yourself changing your mind just before delivering the final blow to an enemy. But no matter if you choose to earn the friendship of all the underworld inhabitants or decide to walk the path of violence, the game will offer you a rich story and, ultimately, a memorable experience.

Written by Momchil Kiryakov for GLHF

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The 10 best indie video games for PC and console

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