Subscriptions, NFT, superheroes: the 2022 keywords of video games

What will be the 2022 trends in the field of video games? Here are the main ones and, eye, some may surprise you …

Bob Dylan sang: “the times are a-changing”. And that was in 1964, imagine how he would react in front of NFTs! The video game industry has seen rapid growth in 2021 and Mark Zuckerberg now wants everyone to move into a Vanilla Sky of his own creation. Some are trying to sell monkey designs for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the list of oddities that happened last year could go on and on …

Predicting 2022 of video games –

But, as long as video games remain fundamentally what they have always been, there will always be a sense to all of this. There will always be someone to shoot and level up. And there are also specific trends that will give the gaming industry a new and greater complexity in 2022. Here’s what they are.

Single-player —

Many new single-player games have been announced at The Game Awards 2021. Alan Wake 2 will be a survival horror experience, like Slitterhead, from Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama. Quantic Dream is making a Star Wars game and Hellblade is about to receive a sequel. The most anticipated game of 2022 is arguably Bethesda’s single-player space exploration title, Starfield.

All this a few years later, you will remember, EA’s statements that linear single-player games would die, as a result of which the North American publisher closed Visceral Games. In the end, there seems to be room for both Fortnite and dozens of other high-quality solo experiences in the same market.

Super heroes –

It all started with the announcement that Eidos Montreal, Deus Ex’s studio, was working on Guardians of the Galaxy instead of, well, another Deus Ex. Then came Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Gotham Knights, Spider-Man 2 and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The message is clear: the rights holders of these box office giants don’t care if you don’t like movie / game crossover, they want a piece of the pie in 2022 and that’s it.


It’s not just a helmeted DLC, says Ubisoft. It’s a handcrafted NFT! It’s a unique digital collectible that, yes, it might look and work the same way as the cosmetic DLCs you’ve bought for years in video games. But, look, there is a serial code. That means it’s worth – ooh, probably thousands of dollars. You can exchange it with other fans of ghost recon helmets handcrafted or just wear them in-game and surprise all the other players who get close enough to see that serial key.


The players have left so many “I don’t like” to the Quartz trailer that Ubisoft had to make it disappear from their account, but there are those who have uploaded it again. Remember: this is the same reaction from players to the first wave of microtransactions. And that hasn’t stopped the industry from adopting them as a standard.

Casual games –

Traditional gaming revenue – the copies of PC and console titles, and the microtransactions you buy from them – are responsible for just a third of video game spending in most countries. The other 60% comes from apps dedicated to social and casual gaming. In summary, whoever plays with a controller or with a mouse and keyboard in the hands is a video game dinosaur. If you don’t know how to interact with video games by swiping the touchscreen, you are a boomer. The future is an endless horizon of cartoonish farms, controlled by the screens of phones around the world, where every piece of land is somehow generating NFT.

Subscriptions –

Netflix of video games. The promised land of video games for at least five years. A subscription that allows you to access a large library of games, rather than having to pay for each title individually. Some obstacles have gotten in the way in the process of mass adoption of this concept: first, many have already spent more on their Steam libraries than on their mortgages, and second, the big publishers are too busy flexing the muscles on their pages. on Steam to consider collaborating on such a library.

Xbox Game Pass

Recently, however, Microsoft has managed to make this idea work. Xbox Game Pass has approximately 18 million subscribers now and offers an increasing number of blockbusters, for both PC and Xbox Series X | S, since launch day. Kind of like a Netflix of video games. Meanwhile, Nvidia has GeForce Now, a subscription with the added incentive of games running on RTX 3080 graphics cards in the GPU giant’s datacenters and then streamed to any device. All with an impressive level of quality and latency. It’s like Netflix, but for video games.

The cloud –

Speaking of GeForce Now, next year will really have to show what it is capable of to push gamers to get rid of their desktop PCs and only stream to a screen or TV. Moreover, thanks to the “miners” who grab all the units and pick up the prices in stellar figures, good luck grabbing a 3080 …


Like other trends that will have to mesh in 2022, this is one that has been around for years, but it finally seems that there is the right technological base and the right audience to finally make its mark. AND, fan del PC, this isn’t bad news: a larger audience of gamers playing at maximum settings on PC (albeit in the datacenter) means more developers will push graphics quality even higher.

Remaster e remake —

The humble past of the players has reached such a level of maturity that its catalog can be updated, preserved, rebuilt from scratch and reimagined. It’s a dangerous game to play with childhood memories, but as studies such as Nightdive (the developer behind the superlative Quake remaster) show, a light touch often does more than full remakes.


There is a Kingpin remaster coming in 2022 and even one, albeit a little softer, of Life is Strange. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Blade Runner, Gothic, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dead Space, Splinter Cell and even The Stanley Parable are all about to receive facelifts of some kind. It’s an increasingly common practice, and you guessed it, the library of potential candidates grows larger as the years go by.

Blockchain –

It’s safe to say that this trend will go far beyond the realm of gaming but there is no doubt that blockchains – otherwise known as disturbingly decentralized banks – are already a growing presence in the industry. F1 Delta Time, complete with official F1 branding, for example, it allows you to connect an account to your crypto waller and earn ethereum through in-game activities. Video games have come a long way since DLC with horse armor, huh?

Written by Phil Iwaniuk for GLHF

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Subscriptions, NFT, superheroes: the 2022 keywords of video games

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