Staffelli: “Here is the truth about the tapir to Ambra Angiolini. I am sorry that you … “

The correspondent of Striscia la Notizia explained to the microphones of Chi the reason for the tapir to Ambra Angiolini after the break with Allegri

Valerio Staffelli gives his version of the tapir delivered a few weeks ago to Ambra Angiolini. Speaking to the microphones of Chi, the correspondent of Striscia la Notizia, he explained how things went with Massimiliano Allegri’s ex: “We decided to bring it to Ambra because the tapir is traditionally delivered to the alleged captain, we never made any distinctions. between men and women. In fact we have also given it in the past to famous faces like Scamarcio and Corona, again for their broken cover loves. To Allegri? No, because an absurd case has been edited out of nothing. We expected that Ambra on the radio she clarified, saying that I hadn’t attacked her and that she had explained to Vanessa on the phone, even her lawyers threatened to sue us for intruding on her private life.

What if I called Amber before I met her? No, I knew what time she would come off the radio and I stood outside waiting for her. When she went out – continues Staffelli -, she got into the car and I approached politely to ask her if I could give her the tapir. She could have started and left as Mourinho did a few days ago and, instead, she got out, made funny jokes and even invited me to lunch. The images of the off-air that we then published are unequivocal. (…) She played the game and also led it with the skill of a consummate woman of the show that she is.

Am I sorry? I’m sorry that Ambra didn’t tone down, but she still has the tools to do it. And then the story of the farewell between Ambra and Allegri has had other developments: after the wave of insults against us, the story of the blond hair found in Allegri’s car comes up, something that only the two concerned could know, so either he or she told the press. Allegri has said several times that he does not want to talk about it. Who was it? Then, after the story of the hair, comes the one about the rent that Ambra would have had to pay to Allegri to continue living at her home. It is still the tattoo of Amber and her daughter. It seems to me that there is a philological that leads to the release of the new Amber film where, coincidentally, she plays the role of an abandoned woman.

Do I think badly? I report only the facts that happened. If you connect the dots, the tapir figure comes out. We have also demonstrated this, taking apart step by step the various inconsistencies in the service broadcast on November 3. What happened after? many women who had attacked changed their minds. We were quiet for a while hoping that Amber would clear up, so it didn’t. And consider that Vanessa was great because of the call, but I never talked about this call, I waited for her to do it. But it didn’t happen and Vanessa was covered with insults on social media, so much so that I had to block the comments, she received terrible threats targeting both her and her son “, he concluded.

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Staffelli: “Here is the truth about the tapir to Ambra Angiolini. I am sorry that you … ”

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