Olympic, off to the tour of the stadium. Gravina: “Football opens up to emotions”

From next Monday the doors of the stadium of the Capital will be open to all fans and thanks to technology the museum promises a unique involvement

The Olimpico aligns itself with some of the most important stadiums in Europe, such as those of Ajax, Real Madrid and Barcelona. It will in fact be possible to carry out a tour in the belly of one of the plants that made history not only in football, but also sports and music. From next Monday (ticket 15 euros, but there are infinite discounts for schools and families) in fact the doors of the changing rooms of the National team, of Rome and of Lazio will open to all fans. For this reason, at the presentation of the event, the Deputy Minister of Sport, Valentina Vezzali, the CEO of Sport and Health, Vito Cozzoli, the Federal President Gravina, the President of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, and the new CEO of Rome Pietro were present. Berardi (at the first public release) and the CFO Maurizio Lombardo. “It is an extraordinary moment – explains Vezzali – because the government’s intent is to make sport more and more enter the culture of Italians. From today the Olimpico will be open to everyone “. Cozzoli adds: “We can finally say. We do not do it for economic reasons but to encourage sport at all levels. “Football opens up to the emotional needs of the fans”, comments Gravina. Lotito then adds: “On November 19 Lazio will tour an international delegation from Rome, a community that the Pope cares a lot about. This is to show how sport does not allow for barriers of race, sex or any kind “. Lombardo closes: “It is right that the capital has a tour of this kind, like the largest cities in the world”.


In addition to the jerseys of the greatest champions who played at the Olimpico, it will be possible to admire all the trophies assigned to the Olimpico, reproduced in holograms, the most beautiful choreographies of Rome and Lazio, accompanied by choirs, the pitch, the hall of showcases (with references also to rugby) and changing rooms. It was particular to see Lotito enter that of Rome and Lombardo that of Lazio. Inside the white and blue one, then, there is a three-dimensional technology that allows, in real time, to see the performance of the players (or athletes in general) from all points of view. All this will be useful not only for technique and tactics, but also for examining postures and preventing injuries. We leave the credits to Vezzali who, seeing how the place Totti used to be, is now occupied by Ibanez, smiling and said: “It would have been nice to dedicate it to him. As they did to me in fencing with my locker ”. Very true.

Stadiums, no to 100%

During the presentation, the undersecretary for sport Valentina Vezzali instead dismissed the hypotheses of total reopening of the facilities during sporting events: “I have always talked about 100% capacity in view of the epidemiological situation of the country. At the moment the situation is worsening and we want to renew the invitation to caution. It takes responsibility on the part of all of us so as not to shut ourselves back into the house. We will return to talk about a possible full capacity only when the contagion curve drops again “.

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Olympic, off to the tour of the stadium. Gravina: “Football opens up to emotions”

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