Miccoli enters the prison in Rovigo: “I am destroyed and disappointed”

Sentenced in Cassation for aggravated extortion to 3 years and 6 months, he is handed over in Veneto: “Far from everyone”

Serena Gentile

For the final with the Supreme Court, the last judgment, Professor Franco Coppi, a well-known criminal lawyer and former lawyer of Giulio Andreotti, also deployed in his defense. It was the hardest game of his life, it lasted eight years and he lost it. Fabrizio Miccoli is a broken man. He woke up in the Rovigo prison, assuming he was able to sleep, where he appeared yesterday afternoon at 3.10 pm, carrying the enormous weight of a final sentence of 3 years and 6 months for extortion aggravated by the mafia method of the second criminal section of the Cassation.

The former Juve, Fiorentina and Palermo striker, the one who imitated Maradona and scored from the flag, spontaneously presented himself in prison, accompanied by his lawyer Antonio Savoia of the Court of Lecce. “He chose the Veneto”, 900 kilometers from home, a choice that has the flavor of exile. “We talked about him and he preferred a place where no one knows him. He needs to stay away from everything and everyone, even from Lecce, his city.

Not from his family, who will visit him whenever possible “, the lawyer Savoia tells us, shortly after leaving prison and his client.” Fabrizio is mortified, disoriented, disappointed – he adds -. He respects the sentence, but does not share it, he does not feel responsible for the facts for which he was sentenced. He has always done good, even in Palermo. He repeated it to me while we were in the Supreme Court: he loves that city, he even helped it a few months ago with an important donation to deal with the Covid emergency “.

the facts

But it is a love that has ended badly, after six years of magic, 165 games and 81 goals, between wrong friendships, under a magnolia tree, the one in front of Falcone’s home. “See you under the tree of that mud”, Miccoli had said of the anti-mafia magistrate killed in Capaci, while speaking with (the intercepted) Mauro Lauricella, the son of the boss of Kalsa Antonino called “u scintilluni” wanted by Dia. A mockery which he regretted, but which still burns.

To Mauro (sentenced to 7 years in 2015), Miccoli had asked – says the sentence – to recover the credit of 12 thousand euros from the entrepreneur Andrea Graffagnini, owner of the Paparazzi nightclub, on behalf of the former Palermo physiotherapist, Giorgio Gasparini. And, to his friend Gasparini, Miccoli had then delivered three checks for 8 thousand euros. Facts dating back to 2010-11, with warranty notice arrived in 2013.

The prosecutor, with prosecutors Maurizio Bonaccorso and Francesca Mazzocco, had asked for the filing twice, but both times the investigating judge Fernando Sestito said no. Convicted in the first and second degree, Tuesday afternoon, at 19.30, the Cassation rejected the appeal and confirmed the January 2020 sentence of the Palermo Court of Appeal. Guilty. The boulder Fabrizio was there, at the Palazzaccio in Rome, stunned. “And while we waited for the sentence he repeated to me that he had apologized a thousand times and in all languages ​​for that sentence.

On 23 May 2012, at the Barbera he also organized a match with the judges to remember Falcone, where Totti also played. It was not enough – adds Savoia -. But that sentence has nothing to do with it in the end. The accusation is of instigation to recover a credit, but Fabrizio has only tried to help a friend. And, when he realized that the thing was taking a bad turn, he sent three text messages to Lauricella telling him to forget it, that the matter did not interest him. Messages which are in judgment, but which have not been evaluated. For us the sentence is unfair “.

The future

But definitive. So yesterday morning Miccoli greeted his sons Swami and Diego, his wife Flaviana, and presented himself in prison, where he will have to stay for a long time. The mafia aggravating circumstance did not allow the lawyers to resort to the request for suspension of the execution of the sentence. Now that the detention measure has been carried out, alternative measures can be requested from the Supervisory Magistrate. Trial custody to social services, for example. “We will evaluate, we could already do it tomorrow, but these are not choices that are made in the gut” concludes Savoia. There is also the risk that Miccoli will be transferred from Rovigo. “There is, but I hope that Fabrizio will be released from prison as soon as possible”.

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Miccoli enters the prison in Rovigo: “I am destroyed and disappointed”

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