It all started with the “favor for a friend”: the 8 long years of the Miccoli case. And that “mud” in Falcone …

The facts between 2010 and 2011, the guarantee notice is from 2013. Then wiretaps, indelible image stains, tears and regrets until the sentence on Tuesday evening. And the sister of the judge murdered by the mafia never forgave him

There are no more appeals. The Supreme Court held him responsible for extortion with the mafia method and for Fabrizio Miccoli the prison doors will soon open to serve the three and a half years of sentence. The judicial affair that made an idol of the Palermo fans, a man who fell into the abyss, ended in the worst possible way. From glory to dust, because Miccoli, despite having become the best scorer in the history of the rosanero club, will not be remembered for this, but for the phrases about Giovanni Falcone in which he defined him as “mud”, during a conversation with Mauro Lauricella, son of the Kalsa boss. A dialogue that dates back to 2011 when the investigators of the Palermo Dia kept under control the son of the Mafia leader to try to get to his father, Antonino known as “u Scintilluni” who was then a fugitive. If the sentences about the judge killed by Cosa Nostra in the Capaci massacre destroyed his image and six years of magic in the field, the investigations established that the former Palermo captain exploited his “dangerous” relationships to recover a credit of a friend, the then physiotherapist of the club, regarding the management of a disco in Isola delle Femmine.

How did it go

The facts take place between 2010 and 2011. In 2013 the guarantee notice from which the judicial process started. Miccoli’s defense evidently never convinced because the sentence held up in the three levels of trial. The same fate befell in 2015 also Mauro Lauricella, sentenced to 7 years. It was useless for the former footballer to apologize and explain his version in a heartfelt press conference in 2013, at the beginning of this whole affair. “I apologize to Palermo, to my family, for all I have done. Things have come out that I do not think – he said in tears -. I have always participated in the games of the heart to honor the memory of the judges killed. I am destroyed. I grew up in a context of values. I apologize to the Falcone family and to everyone. I had already contacted Mrs. Falcone. She told me that it would be enough to apologize to all of Palermo. And I’m here for this “. Evidently it was not enough because, years later, the judge’s sister used very harsh words. It was the summer of 2019, Miccoli was invited to the game of the old rosanero glories organized by the new club of president Mirri reborn in Serie D. “I don’t care about this person. If he has repented and regretted what he said it is better for him – he said -. It is not a question of forgiveness. It is a subject that bothers me to resume because that sentence he uttered still burns “.

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It all started with the “favor for a friend”: the 8 long years of the Miccoli case. And that “mud” in Falcone …

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