Guillermo del Toro: “never again a video game”. What’s behind the rejection?

Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro has a troubled history with gaming, despite industry relations and two failed attempts.

The director Guillermo del Toro he has always had a very close relationship with video games, having been an active part of the industry on several occasions. The Oscar winner for The Shape of Water has a long history with gaming, even if he has always been quite unfortunate. In fact, he tried several times to create one of his products in this space, each time clashing with external factors that prevented him from realizing this ‘dream’. And now the disappointment is such that it pushes him to say: never again a video game. But what’s behind it?

The words of Guillermo del Toro –

Guillermo del Toro was at the latest The Game Awards, where he presented one of the awards for a title in the race. In the words spent for the presentation, the director reserved a dig at Konami, one of the houses with which he collaborated without reaping the fruits of his work. Many thought it might be a way to unveil a new partnership, but del Toro explained that “no, it wasn’t at all.” “It’s just one of the things in my life that doesn’t make sense,” he joked in a podcast. “I just wanted to tickle Konami because I don’t understand. It was so perfect, what we were about to do was so compelling ”.

The two road accidents –

The reference is to Silent Hills, the project he was working on with Hideo Kojima, which was later canceled after the release of a demo (PT, Playable Teaser) when the Japanese and the publisher separated in a rather traumatic way. The farewell was so abrupt that Kojima’s name was removed from the covers of Metal Gear Solid, his most famous saga, and even the demo was removed from the PlayStation Store and is no longer downloadable (it has even been made incompatible with PS5) . Since then, Silent Hill hasn’t received any new chapters, although something seems to be moving. But it wasn’t just del Toro’s “stop and go” in video games: already in 2012 another title was canceled, horror Insane, which he was developing together with Volition (the Saints Row home). In that case, the problem behind the break – which ended an ambitious vision based on multiple episodes – was the financial woes of the ownership of THQ, the North American publisher that would soon go bankrupt.

What about the future? –

These constant hiccups led him to say that “I don’t think I would develop a video game again, because I’m the albatross of gaming,” he joked, effectively closing the door to this world. Nonetheless, Guillermo del Toro has managed to do something in video games. Although he gave up sitting in the control room, he agreed to give his likeness to Deadman, a (obviously) very particular character from Death Stranding for PC, PS4 and PS5 by Hideo Kojima. Relations with the Japanese game designer and director have remained extremely good, the two are linked by great affection, and who knows that this relationship will not lead him to change his mind in the future (at least for another role as an ‘actor’) …

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Guillermo del Toro: “never again a video game”. What’s behind the rejection?

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