From Harry Potter to Elden Ring: the best RPGs of 2022

2022 could be the year of RPGs, judging by the many titles and big names finally arriving within a few months.

With such strong contaminations between the various genres, in the last couple of console cycles, it can really be said what is an RPG and what is not? Once it was enough to say: He has experience points, an inventory and skill trees, and there you have an RPG. Now, these components are part of virtually any video game.

The best RPGs coming in 2022 –

Ultimately, role-playing in 2022 is a matter of depth of experience. Games that embark on incredible stories and give you the ability to shape them to your liking, whether this means your character has new +5 Charisma shoulder pads for his next big fight or the dialogue options really change the course of the game. events in the game world. A great modern RPG should take you on a fantastic journey and lose you in its complex systems. Here are the games that meet these requirements and will be ready for launch within a year, namely: the best RPGs coming out in 2022.

Expeditions: Rome —

PC, January 20

The fantasy genre has been explored for so long in RPGs that you have surely played some that resemble The Lord of the Rings. However, the historical settings have been relatively little frequented by RPGs, and the setting in antiquity is part of what makes Expeditions: Rome such a fresh and enticing prospect (and due out in January).

As a young noble exiled and forced to join a legion, players will have to take revenge one piece at a time (literally) in a turn-based combat system that looks a bit like that of Divinity: Original Sin. The emphasis is on managing and controlling the legion in battle, so, still dream about that scene from Gladiator, this is the RPG that’s right for you.

Horizon: Forbidden West —

PS5 and PS4, February 18th

Aloy leaves for the west. In a world that manages to be both prehistoric and sci-fi without showing you unsightly seams, a mysterious plague is killing things and… sorry, a huge robot dinosaur just came across the screen. The first chapter made a name for itself thanks to sensitive storytelling, a world worth diving into, and surprisingly clever boss fights.


This sequel he doesn’t seem to have reinvented the wheel but, on the contrary, he used the opportunity to explore a different area of ​​the same world and battle even more formidable enemies. More awake and, if possible, even bigger.

Elden Ring –

PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC | 25 Febbraio

In the 2010s, From Software made a series of games that proved too difficult for a general audience but have earned a loyal user base, thanks to their cryptic storytelling and the complexity of the challenge they offer. And now, without the name Souls in the title, the Japanese house returns with a world built around a new mythology, with six hub areas protected from creatures whose health bars are already material for fanciers’ nightmares.

Elden Ring

Expect more enigmatic storytelling and to be treated with the utmost respect – Elden Ring won’t make you believe you are good unless you are and will die all the time, that’s for sure – with so many swords and magic where every frame counts, you were not even managing the last chapter of Tekken.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong —

PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch e PC | 19 maggio

It’s not Bloodlines 2, but it could satiate your hunger for clan politics and urban bloodsuckers in much the same way. Swansong bears the signature of The Council developer Big Bad Wolf, who knows a lot about the machinations of shady organizations and luxury clothes. A new boss hatches a plan to maintain a steady supply of blood for the clans of The Angels, all without the city population noticing.


But the supply of hemoglobin is not the only concern to be faced … Swansong will be able to hold its own with the atmosphere and intrigue of Bloodlines? Most certainly not, but is there anything that would make it in front of him? A new title set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe that is worth half as much would already make fans happy enough.

Starfield —

Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One e PC | 11 novembre

Bethesda Game Studios hasn’t been working on a new IP since IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005. But it’s pretty safe to keep the slightly higher expectations for the next one.

The cover of Starfield, next Bethesda RPG

Starfield promises a space opera from the depth of The Elder Scrolls e Fallout, in which the player will take control of a customizable member of a group of space explorers called The Constellation. Will you be playing it for the next ten years, just like with Skyrim? If nothing else, it has a release date that reminds him …

Broken Roads —


There is a narrator in the Broken Roads presentation trailer whose voice sounds like the rumble of a muscle car. His Australian accent conveys atmosphere in the same way as the bleak post-end times landscape he pictures about: how in the original Fallout isometric, which inspired it, this is a difficult world to live in.


In the introduction, there’s a woman crying over her husband’s dead body and some pretty dark choices are offered as to how to react about it – most notably, when it is understood that the son is the man who shot it. Isometric games are having a resurgence lately, thanks to titles like Pillars of Eternity, Disco Elysium and many others. Will Broken Roads keep the combo going?

Hogwarts Legacy —


You saw “Harry Potter” in the title, right? The game is just that, a massive open world RPG set in late 1800’s Hogwarts. Some video games really sell themselves, huh? JK Rowling is not directly involved in the creation of the game, so the canon of Harry Potter he will not be touched by the events he will tell, but it is still an irresistible opportunity to pack up and go on a visit to the school of magic.


In development there is Avalanche Software, an experienced development team even if at the first real big test with such an ambitious ownership and title, but – having worked on Disney Infinity in the past – one who certainly knows magic.

Gotham Knights —


Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood have control over Gotham City in assenza di Batman and they inherit it at a time of great upheaval for the metropolis. Not that it has ever been easy to live in that place, but the Court of Owls really raised the bar this time around.

Gotham Knights

Entirely playable in co-op o da soli, Gotham Knights will resume the fluid and powerful combat set up by Rocksteady for the Arkham series but, under the leadership of WB Games Montreal, there will be a new focus on the use of the special abilities of each character, which will be differentiated from the others in a sensitive way.

Forspoken –

PC and PS5, 2022

The protagonists of RPGs are usually “chosen”, people destined to become demigods in shining armor and save the world. Frey of Forspoken is a bit different, having grown up in foster care in New York City.


Luminous Productions (the studio behind Final Fantasy XV) hopes that mix of vulnerability and badassery still makes her a special character, along with her skills in parkour and the most impressive spells around. The project has been nurtured by some big names, including Amy Hennig (the pen that gave birth to the Uncharted saga), so you can expect a quality story.

Babylon’s Fall —

PC, PS4 e PS5, 2022

Platinum Games is famous for its thrilling action titles, where there’s not a single moment not to press the attack button. But Babylon’s Fall is different. Weighted. Tactical.


Still distinctly freaked out, considering players will have to complain the Tower of Babel using the powers of a parasite placed on their back as part of a team of four. But he seems genuinely interested as much in telling a story as he is in having you plow waves of enemies while wielding four weapons at the same time.

Written by Phil Iwaniuk for GLHF

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From Harry Potter to Elden Ring: the best RPGs of 2022

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