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From Maignan to Lozano, here are some of the best players you can buy for very little on FIFA Ultimate Team.

More than its previous versions, FIFA 22 is a game where you can put together an incredible team for (relatively) few credits, as we have seen with the best economic strikers. If you had told us that players like Bruno Fernandes would cost less than 40k FUT credits in the first two months of release, we wouldn’t have believed it for a second… but here we are! The accessibility of strong players in Ultimate Team makes it easier than ever to invest a large portion of your credits in a superstar, since the “supporting cast” can be inexpensive and still effective. Here are some of the cards that perform significantly better than their stats and, most importantly, will do so without bankrupting you.

Mike Maignan (France, Goalkeeper, Rare Gold) on FIFA 22 –

Milan lost Gianluigi Donnarumma (arguably the best goalkeeper in FIFA 22, if you can afford it) joined PSG this summer, but picked an excellent replacement with Mike Maignan, who is available for a couple of thousand FUT Coins. Tall and fast, Maignan also has great opportunities for an understanding with many high-level French defenders.

Cristian Romero (Argentina, DC, Oro in forma) –

If you are looking for a 90 piece to field defense in your Premier League team and you can’t afford it Van Dijk o Varane, take a look at Cristian Romero. The Spurs had a bad start to the season but Romero was a great buy, and this fit card has great speed and 90+ in every defensive stat with a Shadow chemistry style. A bargain for under 20k.

Aurélien Tchouaméni (France, CC, Gold in the form) –

Every FIFA has its own midfielder to take home at the start of the game and Aurélien Tchouaméni in form is undoubtedly one of them. He is an excellent box-to-box or defensive midfielder and is tall enough to win on high balls; also, on the understanding side, it is perfect for linking to many French footballers that are all over FUT in FIFA 22.

Bruno Fernandes (Portogallo, COC, Oro Rare) —

Kevin de Bruyne it’s a great option for the outrageously low price tag of 70k, but the fact that Bruno Fernandes’ card costs even less is almost incomprehensible for what it offers. Whether you place him in midfield with even defensive duties or behind the center forward as a playmaker, the Portuguese is a luxury player available for the price of a beer. Nor should he underestimate his skills on free-kicks and penalties.

Frenkie de Jong (Netherlands, CC, Rare Gold) his FIFA 22 –

When EA released Frenkie de Jong’s Road to the Knockout card, the price of its rare gold card inevitably sank. That’s bad news for anyone who bought him very early, but the rest of us can buy what is arguably the best box-to-box midfielder in the game for around 40k. Marcos Llorente It’s another superb option for 60k, but de Jong has superior dribbling and passing, granting him superior stats when it comes to creativity.

Renato Sanches (Portugal, CC, Rare Gold) –

The fact that Renato Sanches’ base card is available for under 1000 FUT credits is nothing short of surprising considering the impact it can have on a team. He has four-star skill and weak foot, lots of useful features and solid stats for an all-court midfielder (and, what’s more, he appears to perform far above their theoretical yield). Arguably the best budget card of all FUT in FIFA 22. The inevitable special papers that he will receive later will be hits, but it is plausible that they will cost a lot.

Franck Yannick Kessié (Ivory Coast, CDC, Rare Gold) –

If you have enough credits, Nicolò Barella’s card in form is hands down the best option for a defensive midfielder in Serie A, but Kessié will do a fantastic job as you build up those figures. Kessié he’s one of those players that you can team up and just forget about him for weeks. After all, taking away the place of someone who has almost maximum interception and defensive awareness with an understanding Shadow style is not something for everyone.

Aleksandr Mostovoi (Russia, COC, FUT Hero) –

Mostovoi is the most expensive card on this list at 80k, but it’s fun to check out the book Heroes FUT (introduced for FIFA 22) and this has not yet been intercepted by the radar of most of the users. The first clues as to how useful it is are the four-star skills and the weak five-footed, but the Russian hero with La Liga chemistry is a must with the Shadow or Hunter styles. Hunter turns him into a superb COC or great second striker, while Shadow makes him a good CC or even CDC as part of a duo midfield.

Adama Traoré (Spain, AD, Rare Gold) on FIFA 22 –

Adama Traoré is one of those cards with a particular aura. His incredible speed allows him to be a great replacement in the second half to wreak havoc on the most tired defenses. It offers very little more than the pace but its reputation precedes it, so by putting it in the race you can send a message to your opponent and put his breath on the neck in the most tight matches. And it costs less than 1,000 FUT credits …

Timo Werner (Germania, ATT, Oro raro) –

Werner has had a weird couple of years. He came with a lot of fanfare at Chelsea after a glittering spell in the Bundesliga but flopped in the Premier League, just before leading Chelsea to Champions League victory and losing their seat shortly after buying Romelu Lukaku. Whatever you think, though, the FUT meta loves him and, at under 5k, his Rare Gold card offers a reliable striker who will score big goals and sow defenders on the break.

Hirving Lozano (Mexico, AS, Gold in form) on FIFA 22 –

There has always been talk of his transfer from Napoli to the Premier League, but Lozano will probably do well to stay where he is: with his performances in recent years he has earned several fit and special cards on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This in-form card that came so early is another great example of that, with excellent base speed, four-star skill, and the long shot trait that overshadows even its three-star weak footed limitations. It is the perfect replacement less than 15k and that price will rise in the coming months as Team of the Week cards begin to be in demand in Squad Building Challenges.

Written by Tom Bramwell for GLHF

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FIFA 22, the 11 best budget players in FUT – eSports & Gaming

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