FIFA 22: 5 Milestones you need to complete in FUT

Do you need a hand to understand which Milestones you should prioritize to make credits and build your dream team on FUT? Here she is!

Your team has bored you and all the best cards in your club have lost their value. Each week a new promo team arrives and tempts you so much that you would spend some money on FIFA Points. They’ve all been there, but stop there! Before getting into your wallet, you have made sure that you have completed all the great Achievements of FIFA 22, real? If you haven’t looked at this sub-menu in the Goals section, you may have missed out and with it the chance to put up FUT credits without spending a fortune of your real money. Here are five Milestones that you should definitely complete in FIFA 22, all of which will lead you to the best packs where the best special cards in the game usually reside.

FIFA 22: Bronze and Silver Team Milestones –

Before entering the Shots and assists, it is advisable to build a team of bronze players and a team of silver players. They don’t have to be competitive but it is important that they have a high speed and maximum understanding to at least make your journey more comfortable while you use them.

If you’ve been reading these tips in the early months of FIFA 22, then pretty much every bronze and silver card will be so cheap it won’t bother you. However, once Squad Building Challenges based on each league start popping up, it will likely be time to avoid these clubs so that you don’t have to overpay to complete these Goals. Look at the section SCR Championships and make a mental note to avoid those leagues for these teams. (Any cards from leagues related to the Silver Arrows Weekly Goal could be inflated.)

Once the team is assembled, you only have to play 15 games with the bronze one and 15 games with the silver one. The Squad Battle mode is okay and the difficulty minimal as well (although, if you hold up something like Amateur or Semi-Pro, then you’ll be earning an almost decent amount of points in Squad Battles, which doesn’t hurt). And all you will need is to simply win 15 games with the bronze team and win 15 games with the silver team.

Technically, there are four Goals as part of the Bronze Team and Silver Team Milestones, but they scale easily. Play five games will give you a pack of gold cards, winning six will give you a pack of two players, scoring with a silver player in 10 will give you two packs of rare Gold players, winning 15 games will give you a pack of Premium Gold players. The reward for completing the set is a rare player pack.

All of this will not be tradable, so in the worst case you can keep it in your club for some future Squad Creation Challenge, while at best you will get something useful for the main team. He happened to have a few walkouts, like in the case of Liverpool’s Thiago Alcantara and a usable 84 in form. Go ahead with the Silver Squad Grind in a week when the Silver Arrows Season Objective is available and you’ll earn even more rewards.

Milestones for finalization and assists –

The Bronze and Silver Team Achievements will take you five hours per team, so they may not be particularly fun as a starting solution. If you want to play with your main team, you can opt for dedicated areas finalization and assists in the Achievements menus, so as to take home at least some rewards.

FIFA 22 milestones

Score 100 precision shots will give you a rare player pack, which will be worth 50,000 coins or 1,000 FIFA Points. This can also be completed with a bronze or silver team, since there are no restrictions on team values, and it should be easy to score a dozen goals per game in Squad Battles on the lowest difficulty. With 15 games to play per team bronze and silver, the math is on your side.

Score 500 goals and make 500 assists it is a bit more difficult, not least because they have to be completed with teams with a combined value of 85 or higher. If you manage to score 15 goals on the lowest difficulty in Squad Battles, then you can beat those two challenges in 16 matches if you start from scratch (which is unlikely). The reward for each of these challenges is a rare Jumbo Player Pack, which usually costs 100,000 FUT Coins or 2,000 FIFA Points.

Useful tips for FIFA 22 –

Now that you have an idea of ​​how this works, dig into the menus for other easy goals that you could pursue in parallel. The main menu usually has a few seasonal objectives that you can do together to unlock players and experience points, although many are linked to higher difficulty or specific FUT modes, so they may not be ideal for the aforementioned bronze / silver odyssey.

FIFA 22 milestones

The Milestones section it is also more diverse and interesting than just the objectives mentioned here. It might be worth prioritizing these but there are so many other smaller packs you can grab as you try to get the bigger rewards. A particularly recommendable thing is to find a friend to play with. You will be sharing your achievement progress by playing together, and there are also a couple of Achievements designed for cooperative play to complete. Plus, having someone to chat with during the grind of bronze and silver victories in Squad Battles could be a good hand to pass the time.

Finally, this is probably something you will have already done in the early days of FIFA 22, but repetita iuvant: shaking in the Basics section of the Objectives menu, you will find some very direct and easy to unlock targets that will provide you with extra coins, packs and cosmetic items for your club. With a transfer market that seems to collapse more often than you can drink today, every little thing helps.

Written by Tom Bramwell for GLHF

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FIFA 22: 5 Milestones you need to complete in FUT

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