Farming Simulator 22: tips to start playing

First time to the tractor? Here are some tips for not ending up at the bottom of a river (or doing it, but having fun and building an agricultural empire).

Farming Simulator 22 It is available to everyone, and whether you have entered the game on PC or console, you may be a little baffled by the amount of things to handle, especially if you are new to this series. A couple of wrong moves and you might skip the tutorial entirely, which can further complicate an already complex experience in itself. That’s why we have compiled some Farming Simulator 22 tips for you. You are welcome.

The tricks to dominate Farming Simulator 22 –

With these tricks, you will get all the information you need to start raising your farm. Even if you’re just starting out, the information here and the on-screen tips in the game should get you started relatively easily. Let’s start?

How to start a contract –

Starting a contract is simple. Press the menu button and scroll through the list (shoulder buttons on console) until you see the Contracts menu. Here you can see how much money you will get from a contract and how many steps it takes to complete it. If you are new to Farming Simulator 22 then, search and complete contracts is it a great place to start to know and deepen some mechanics of the game.

Check the contract details carefully –

The contract descriptions are short, but take note of how many steps each of them has. Some contracts will simply require you to mow the grass in a patch of land – easy. But everything becomes more complex if you also have to wrap hay bales and deliver them. If you are just starting out, choose contracts with the fewest steps possible to complete them with relative ease.

Delivery routes –

If you take a contract that includes a delivery, make sure you know where to deliver and how. Some items can only be delivered with selected vehicles, so you need to be careful which ones you choose. If you see a contract that requires delivery, this may be the case with check the location thoroughly and the delivery method first, so you don’t get stuck later.

Rent the tools … –

When you start a contract, you will receive the option to rent instruments. Renting tools reduces a portion of the maximum profit and tools are automatically returned once the job is completed. It looks worse than it really is. The rental price it is really cheap and clearly states what tools you will need to start a contract. If you are a new player, this simplifies things enormously.

… But buy them as soon as possible –

Renting tools is very cheap and you don’t lose anything as long as you do complete the contract – but this does not mean that you should rely solely on the rental of instruments. Having your own equipment is an important part of any farm, and after spending some time renting tools, you should know for yourself which tools are needed for each job.

Farming Simulator 22, here are the tips

Reload tools –

Even if you have rented your tools, the equipment that needs to be recharged, well, it still needs to be recharged. Just because you have been able to rent tools does not mean that the people who loaned them to you will recharge them for you. You will have to buy things like yourself fertilizer and seeds, which will be delivered to the shop – right next to where the rented instruments appear.

Use AI workers –

AI workers will give you a big hand. If you want to mow a lawn for an hour, that’s fine, but the option of AI workers it’s there precisely because not everyone has the time to do each task manually, especially not when they’re trying to build an empire. Thankfully, a single key press is all it takes to activate an AI worker. Bring your tractor and the appropriate tools to the field you intend to work on and get started. While you are on the road, you can press your AI worker button, which will activate autopilot on your vehicle. After that, press the button to get out of the vehicle and watch them do all the hard work.

Keep an eye on the AI ​​workers –

AI workers are great in theory, but in practice you will have to keep an eye on them: they will do their best, but often whole pieces of a field will be missing or, worse, they will stop working. Larger vehicles are the ones that have this problem more than any other. If an AI worker struggles to turn the corner in a field without hitting a tree, they will simply stop trying and working. AI workers don’t cost per se, but they do if they don’t do their job.

There is also snow in Farming Simulator 22.

Multitasking —

Now that you know how to make the most of AI workers, it’s time to take over multiple tasks at once. Not only can you exploit AI automation on your farm, but you can take multiple contracts at a time in Farming Simulator 22, which will allow you to make money fast, as long as you have money to spend on AI helpers. This will make the rental of the tools even more important.

You don’t need roads – more or less –

This is a simulator, not a game, so you should try to make things as realistically as possible, but there is no punishment whatsoever for those who dare a little. If you want to go for a run in the fields with a tractor, you can – who needs the roads, after all? Just make sure you don’t end up at the bottom of a river. We’ve been there. Bad idea.

Keep a tractor or car at the shop –

You can teleport to your vehicle at any time. This is great, and you should use it to keep an eye on your AI workers while quickly traversing the map. Start a contract, rent some tools and then teleport to the tractor you left at the shop. Leave another vehicle at home, and you can go back and forth whenever you want. Of course, you will never have to worry about losing your vehicles, since you can teleport there so fast.

Written by Dave Aubrey for GLHF

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Farming Simulator 22: tips to start playing

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