Face to face with Ninja, the most famous streamer: “I don’t go shopping anymore”

The popularity and the controversies seem to have suggested greater caution to one of the most well-known faces of the network, between Fortnite and a novelty linked to UNO.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins seems to have jumped out of nowhere. He was already popular in his bubble as a Halo 3 and Fortnite streamer, but it’s only when he ran a live with rappers Drake and Travis Scott in 2018, breaking the record for concurrently connected viewers on Twitch, that it went mainstream. Since then, there has been a phase of settling in, to be generous, for the former blue-haired star.

The case –

In 2018, Ninja was rapping live and, while singing, he let it slip a racist slur, although there was no trace of it in the text. He then apologized and attributed the incident to a misunderstanding. That same year, he landed in the eye of the storm when he said he wouldn’t do direct with women, to prevent anyone from thinking they were having an affair.

Ninja e i social —

In June of this year, Ninja blew Twitter with a now-canceled chirp that went like this: “I am carting a League of Legends game that is about to close and my bra-less wife brings me a sandwitch (not required) with chips while I do a double kill in bot lane. How is your day going instead? ”.

Since then, his Twitter posts have been much more vetted, focusing on streams, announcements, and at the most re-sharing fan comments. We recently had the opportunity to ask the streamer a few questions during a press tour to promote his participation in the UNO Championship Series Invitational Tournament. Some questions were discarded by the PR agency who follows him, but there are no traces of a repentance on the controversies of the past, nor is it revealed if he is now followed by a team that curates him on social media and Twitter. However, we did get some interesting insights into how fame impacted her life.

Ninja’s relationship with fame –

“I don’t go shopping anymore,” he explained to us. “I can’t, literally. There are some things you simply can’t do. There are things you can’t even think about when you have people looking at you, judging you and only paying attention to you all the time. I have to worry about what I say on social media. I can’t take my favorite team into words when they play badly – my Detroit Lions, man – because I know the players and I know it would hurt them. So, I can’t be a regular fan on Twitter or anything. It is not an option ”.

I understand how lucky I am. I do so many things thanks to this life. I’ve met so many people, and influenced so many people. A streamer the other day told me that when he has to explain what he does for a living, he just says ‘what Ninja does’. This is crazy. I was also able to bring attention to some causes and raise funds. I just made a huge donation to the South Michigan Boys and Girls Club for a new gaming lounge with other partners including the Pistons, Big Sean and my team, the Lions. It’s incredible. Most importantly, I still have so many people watching my streams and enjoying them. The fans will always be the best part of all of this ”.

The UNO tournament –

In addition to this, Ninja plans to continue growing his brand, streaming games and collaborating with large companies. Host the UNO Championships is part of this growth.

“I love ONE. I’ve always been a huge fan, ”Ninja explains. “The original game. The new digital app. As a player, I know how exciting a tournament can be and I am thrilled to have a front row seat for these tournament matches. I love how games and competitions bring people together, even though I know how serious ONE can get. We have a peculiarity with the Ninja brand: we always want to always do the first. So when I was asked to co-host the inaugural edition of the One Championship Series Tournament, I knew I wanted to. And I’ll crown the first UNO world champion ever. It’s Superbowl, Wrestlemania, for ONE. Let’s just hope with fewer slips and bodyslam ”.

The tournament aired last week.

Written by Kirk McKeand for GLHF

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Face to face with Ninja, the most famous streamer: “I don’t go shopping anymore”

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