Epic Games Store, fifth free Christmas game: one of GOTY 2021

The Fortnite creators’ shop presents the fifth free game of its initiative between Christmas and New Year. Here’s what it is.

Epic Games Store has unveiled the fifth free Christmas game, carrying on the usual initiative with which it celebrates the holidays from 16 to 31 December. The initiative is repeated every year since the opening of the PC video game store of the creators of Fortnite and provides that fans can redeem one free title per day (and not per week, as is tradition) during this period. In addition to this new version of the giveaway, the online store goers can also take advantage of the winter sales and a 10 euro coupon to spend on securities worth at least 14.99 euro.

The fifth free Christmas game on the Epic Games Store –

The fifth free Christmas game of Epic Games Store is one of the most acclaimed titles of 2021, which has never been included in any giveaway before. It is about Loop Hero, a probing roguelike in which to “use an ever-expanding deck of mystical cards to position enemies, buildings and terrains as your brave hero embarks on a mission within the loop. Find and equip powerful items for each class of heroes, so you can improve their effectiveness in battle and expand the camp of survivors to better face each adventure in the loop. Unlock new classes, new cards, perks and treacherous guardians in your fight to break the endless spiral of despair ”. You can redeem it for free until 5pm tomorrow December 21st.

The fourth free game –

The fourth free Christmas game on the Epic Games Store is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. You can redeem it to this address on the website of the online store. As the official title description of The Astronauts, founded by a team of veterans of People Can Fly (Bulletstorm, Gears of War: Judgment) explains, players will take on the role of Paul Prospero, a paranormal detective who receives a disturbing letter. by Ethan Carter. “Realizing that the boy is in grave danger, Paul goes to Ethan’s house in Red Creek Valley, where things turn out to be worse than he thought,” the title synopsis continues. “Ethan went missing right after a brutal murder, and Paul will soon realize that this isn’t the only local murder worth investigating.”

How to get free games –

As the most hardcore players will know, on the Epic Games Store free games work very differently from PlayStation Plus. First of all, in this case a subscription of any kind is not required, but only an account (also free) on the store . Every week, on Thursdays at 17:00, a free game is launched to be redeemed immediately and at the same time the title is announced that can be redeemed seven days later. For the Christmas holidays, the timing changes slightly and a calendar is proposed that is updated every day with a new free title to be redeemed, with an accelerated frequency: the next appointment is set for 17:00 of tomorrow 21 December.

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Epic Games Store, fifth free Christmas game: one of GOTY 2021

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