Envision Virgin Racing, the electric two-seater car with a “super” Cop26 battery

On the occasion of Cop26 in Glasgow, the prototype of an Envision Virgin Racing open-wheel racing car will be on display until 12 November 2021. Carbon fiber shell, two seats and a high-density lithium-ion battery with ELno “cathode” technology, developed by Johnson Matthey

An open-wheel racing car with two seats and a fully electric powertrain, equipped with batteries with innovative technologies. An absolute novelty in the panorama of track cars signed by Envision Virgin Racing, in collaboration with Johnson Matthey, exhibited in Glasgow (Scotland) on the occasion of Cop26, the United Nations Conference on climate change staged in the Scottish city until 12 November 2021.


A prototype that aims to highlight the potential of electric powertrains between the curbs and, by expanding the range of action, to enrich with new topics the international discussion on the energy transition that is affecting the sustainable mobility sector, even on the urban roads traveled. every day by the citizens of the world. With these premises, the two-seater electric car exhibited in the Blue Zone of Cop26 in Glasgow was born. An electric car part of the “Race Against Climate Change” program of Envision Virgin Racing, a British team that was already a protagonist of the Formula E world championship.


The characteristics of the prototype of the two-seater electric car? They should be sought in particular in the latest generation powertrain. In detail, the car is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that exploits the technology of the “cathode” signed by elno, developed by the Johnson Matthey company. The eLno technology (which will be ready for commercialization for road cars from 2024) allows the battery to reach a density of 20% greater than the most common lithium-ion batteries: this density is equal to about 200 Wh / kg, with a total battery capacity of 47 kWh, an output of 585 volts, and a maximum power on the wheel of 250 kW (about 339 hp). The prototype of this car signed by Envision Virgin Racing is thus able to reach a maximum speed of 240 km / h and sprint from 0 to 100 miles per hour (about 96 km / h) in 3.2 seconds. In addition to dynamic performance, the technology in question allows you to take advantage of faster recharges and improve overall autonomy.


“The two-seater car was designed to test and push battery performance to the extreme – said Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of Envision Virgin Racing – The technology of this battery is something we have never seen before.” The electric two-seater is not an exercise in style: “Trying to put it to the test on the track will give us accurate indications on how the battery could perform in commercial use – added Filippi – This new generation of batteries has the potential to revolutionize diffusion. massive in the public of electric vehicles “.


And on the occasion of the international event that brings together many leaders of the most influential countries in the world, the Formula E electric car series will present season number 8 (starting in January 2022 from Saudi Arabia; the scheduled Rome E-Prix April 9), an event staged in the Green Zone, the one that includes activities and exhibitions open to the public.

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Envision Virgin Racing, the electric two-seater car with a “super” Cop26 battery

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